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The National Amateur League arrives in the OIES project

The National Amateur League officially joins the project carried out by the OIES in order to strengthen its positioning in the electronic sports sector

The OIES project is geared towards helping the knowledge and development of eSports. For this reason also the National Amateur League decides to join the first Italian observatory two years after the start of his virtual football activities. The aim is to be able to count on a networking platform for companies, teams, agencies and professionals who have an interest in investing in this market.

Not only that, the partnership increases the number of high-level collaborations of the OIES, which is also a point of reference on the training and continuous information side, thanks to its courses and continuous sector studies, reports and related news. to the world of eSports.

National Amateur League and OIES: a project also for the eFeminine

The words of the president of the Commission of the National Amateur League, Santino Lo Presti, are above all of thanks to the OIES and the CEO Luigi Caputo.

An entrance, that in OIES, which further strengthens the positioning of LND eSport in the universe of virtual football. I thank the CEO Luigi Caputo who I had the pleasure of meeting at the launch press conference for the eCup. The attention that OIES dedicates to our business is an added value, as it is the first B2B networking, information and training platform for sector stakeholders. A precious partnership that is fully part of the LND eSport strategy to grow further in the video-game sector in view of the many new competitions in the pipeline.

The National Amateur League arrives in the OIES project
The project of the National Amateur League eSport is one of the most significant from the point of view of inclusion and sociability. In fact, over eSerieDnow in its third edition, and the eCup, now in its second edition, there are other very important projects. Let’s talk about the eFemminilealready at the third edition, and at the first international tournament Italy Women’s eCup; tournaments created specifically to increase the percentage of female gamers in the esports world. To this, then, is added the international tournament Manlius Selisin its first edition.

All of these competitions involve over 2000 egamers dedicated to men’s, women’s and mixed football. Totally inclusive project also thanks to the close collaboration with Unsurpassed Onlus. An association committed to accompanying children with cognitive, relational, affective-emotional, behavioral, physical, motor and sensory disabilities in sports and e-sports activities.

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