The new Battlefield 2042 update fixes several bugs

Battlefield 2042: DICE parla dei problemi e delle novità in arrivo thumbnail

Today the Battlefield 2042 has released a new one update to solve the bug and many others problems present on the title. According to what has been revealed the new patch also adds quality of life changes of the game and al gameplay. Here are the details.

The new Battlefield 2042 update is now available

As revealed, the full update will bring to the game hundreds of changes. Among the most important are the weekly missions, the life quality and the gameplay. Here are all the details.

In the week following theUpdate # 3, the Weekly Missions they will enter the battlefield. There will be a total of 3 different missions every week that players will be able to play through the main menu. Completing a mission will reward you with XP extra. If they finish all available missions that week, they will receive one incredible reward.

In Battlefield Portal they are also on the way new game mode layouts for Rush on all maps of All-Out Warfare. The team is also adding new models to the Manufacturer and one new custom mode called Team Deathmatch with Vehicles, which allows you to use combat vehicles in customized experiences. It will also support logic created in the Rules Editor, allowing players to spawn at team headquarters and adding more options when creating custom games.

Regarding the quality of life, the team is introducing several improvements in the menus on the collection screen. In this way he hopes to pay off easier customization of the equipment and the Plus menu.

The elements of the UI during the game have also been improved. Players will notice one greater visibility it’s a less clutter general. Improvements to indicators are also available IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) and the indicators of nearby players who can be revived or from whom you can be revived.

Finally, in several areas of the game, the team has introduced improvements to make your experience of interaction within the maps more fluid. This includes more than 150 individual corrections, minor changes and improvements in all maps that were affecting the gameplay. Also included are improvements toaudio, al rendering and tointeraction e fixes for weapons, vehicles e Specialists.

For more information about the new update, you can consult the official website.