The new Black Desert DLC arrives on consoles

Il nuovo DLC di Black Desert arriva su console thumbnail

Black Desert, the popular MMORPG by Pearl Abyss, to celebrate the two years since its release on PlayStation, is enriched with a new DLC also available for the Microsoft console, the Xbox. The new content will be distributed completely free of charge, to celebrate the milestone reached by the developers.

To download the DLC just install it from the PlayStation Store if you own a PlayStation and since Microsoft Store if you play via an Xbox instead. Keep in mind, however, that the free DLC will be redeemable until the end of September, and no later than. It is therefore advisable to activate it now as long as there is time.

The contents of the Black Desert console DLC

The new content will consist of a series of items – in game, which will allow players who equip them to take advantage of various advantages. Il Treasurable Memories Classic Box will give users a classic costume for the character they are using, five Combat & Skill EXP 300%, to level up faster, and the Advice of Valks and Mystical Artisan’s Memory item bundle.

The latter will contain a variety of equipment and armor for players. Black Desert adventurers are also expected by an in-game host, which will reward them with a whole host of items: Caphras Stone bundle, Marine Romance Outfit Box and Blessing of Old Moon Pack.

By overcoming particular timed challenges you will be able to get rewards such as Ancient Spirit Dust, High – Quality Draft Box and Golden Seal of Panto. These items will allow players to increase their level ea more quickly make the gameplay more fun and rich.

For the uninitiated, Black Desert is the action MMORPG open – world which has bewitched tens of millions of players around the world. The title has captured fans on every platform, from PC to consoles, including mobile devices.

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