The new edition of the Italian Rocket Championship kicks off

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The new edition of the Italian Rocket Championshi has startedp, the national competition dedicated to Rocket League, which this year will be able to count on the support of AIR Action Vigorsol as a Presenting Partner. The competition can be followed via the official Twitch channel. There will be 8 teams to fight for the victory.

The Italian Rocket Championship kicks off with AIR Action Vigorsol as Presenting Partner

The new competition will be structured in three phases (Championship, Final Phase and Play Off-Out). There will be 8 participating teams at the starting line: NoFear Gaming, Fadeaway, Reply Totem, Cyberground Gaming, HG Esport, Fearfanity, Hooded Exotic ed Exeed Cagliari Calcio.

Teams will compete best of three with the following regsOle: 3 points by winning two matches to zero, 2 points by winning in the third game, 1 point by losing the third match and 0 by losing two matches. The best four will enter the final phase which will take place during the Milan Games Week.

During the Play Off-Out phase, the teams finished sixth and seventh in Serie A and the second and third in Serie B will compete, respectively, to remain or access the top division.

How to follow the event

Italian Rocket Championship was born from the collaboration between PG Sports and the Community from Rocket League. AIR Action Vigorsol is a partner. The competition can be followed live on the Canale Twitch official of the Italian Rocket Championship.

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