Motorcycle vibrations can ruin the iPhone camera

Le vibrazioni della moto possono rovinare la fotocamera degli iPhone thumbnail

In a post on their support site Apple warns that the strong vibrations generated by motorcycles of large displacement can spoil the iPhone camera. Using your smartphone as a navigator while speeding along the street is not recommended, if you then want to use it for take a photo or shoot a video of the goal you have reached by exploiting it optical stabilizer.

The vibrations of the motorcycle ruin the camera of the iPhones (and not only)

In Apple’s support site, the company warned that vibrations like that generated by high-powered motorcycles can impact iPhone cameras. In particular, on the optical stabilizer. As they explain on the website: “If you accidentally move the camera while taking a photo, the result may be out of focus. To prevent this from happening, some iPhone models have an optical stabilizer ”. The company goes on to explain that: “In the optical stabilizer, a gyro senses camera movement and, in order to reduce the blur effect, the lens moves at the same angle. “

In addition, Apple explains that “some models also feature the closed-loop autofocus, which through some magnetic sensors measures the effect of gravity and vibrations to determine the right position of the lens and adequately compensate these stresses “. Something certainly known to mobile photography experts. But that many users may not be aware of: when something works well, you don’t have to wonder why he does it.

The company points out that although “optical stabilizer and closed-loop autofocus are meant to last“, there are risks involved. Indeed “direct and prolonged exposure to certain frequencies could degrade the performance of these systems and reduce the quality of photos and videos. “

Find the right support

Apple therefore urges its users to be careful when using large-displacement motorcycles. “We do not recommend exposing your iPhones for extended periods a these high-amplitude vibrations. High-displacement motorcycles generate this type of vibrations, which are transmitted through the frame and handlebars. “

For low displacement or electric motorcycles there will be “less amplitude stresses but we still recommend use a support capable of reducing vibrations.”

Supports to reduce vibrations exist. Apple itself proposes the Quad Lock fixing kit, which although designed for bicycles, reduces vibrations. SP-Connect has developed its own system for large-displacement motorcycles that reduces vibrations. And there are many products from other brands designed for those who love to ride their motorcycles or move around with their mountain bikes while having their smartphone in sight.

But all the supports reduce the problem, which nevertheless persists. The safer alternative might be to use (if available) a smartphone or a dedicated navigator on the bike (and also on mopeds and mountain bikes). Instead, use your beautiful new iPhone with optical stabilizer to always take well-stabilized photos.

It should be emphasized that Apple’s text states that there is a risk for use in “prolonged periods”. AND only a risk remains, not a certainty. But if you want to make sure you don’t damage your iPhone’s camera, pay attention to this warning from Apple.

A non-trivial warning

The warning posted by Apple on the site has left many users perplexed, who have commented on social media on the alleged “obviousness” of the news. The vibrations of a powerful motorcycle can ruin the most delicate of iPhone camera mechanisms, we might have expected it. But this information is no less obvious than when you write “do not ingest” on bleach packages: they are for the safety of users and products. And then the decision of publishing the warning does not come out of nowhere.


The note made by Apple analyzes why the vibrations of the powerful engines of a motorcycle are likely to ruin it optical stabilizer of smartphones. And above all it wants to warn users, so also of not having to repair smartphones for avoidable problems.

All smartphones with optical stabilization run the same risks. But Apple also sells an insurance that allows users to easily change their smartphone in case of problems: perhaps the company has noticed that the number of interventions due to the vibrations of motorcycles is increasing. And it wants to urge users to be more careful, so they don’t have to change all those iPhones.

In any case, if you have an iPhone from 6s onwards, the risk is there (and also for many Android devices). So pay attention to the optical stabilization, if you love to whiz in motion.