La nuova 500 elettrica nella partnership tra Leasys Rent e WeRoad thumbnail

The new electric 500 in the partnership between Leasys Rent and WeRoad

Leasys Rent and WeRoad have signed a partnership to offer the community of “on the road” travel an electric 500 as an ideal means of transport both to reach the airports of Turin, Milan and Rome, and for daily trips. WeRoad specializes in unconventional travel to more than 190 destinations around the world. In practice, the two brands promote an eco-sustainable mobility solution, accompanying WeRoaders even after the end of a trip with LeasysGO !, the free floating car sharing dedicated to New 500 electric.

Leasys Rent offers 120 minutes of driving to those who book a WeRoad trip

The terms of the interesting partnership provide that those who purchase a WeRoad trip will receive a free subscription to LeasysGO! and one month of prepaid service, inclusive of 120 minutes of driving. But that is not all. Free registration to LeasysGO! it will also be reserved for those who participate in the so-called AperiRoad aperitifs organized by the community where participants have the opportunity to meet potential travel companions and WeRoad coordinators. These “pre-trip” aperitifs will be held in Turin, Milan and Rome. But there is also good news for those who are already registered or will join LeasysGO! since you will be entitled to a discount code, worth 50 euros, to be used for a WeRoad trip.

Leasys Rent WeRoad

The collaboration between Leasy Rent and WeRoad, according to what the two companies explain, was born in the name of love for adventure and the environment, designed for those who believe that the best part of the journey is not reaching the goal, but the road that leads to it. LeasysGO! in fact, it allows you to reach the airports of Turin, Milan and Rome in a simple and economical way, since you do not have to pay airport fees and above all parking in one of the car parks in the airports. In addition, the possibility of renting the car for a whole day is also offered, at a fixed rate, for trips outside the city.

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