The new electric concept car resulting from the Polestar Design Contest was unveiled during the 2023 Monaco Motor Show

Lecce-Salernitana: dove vedere la partita?

The new one was unveiled during the 2023 Monaco Motor Show concept car elettricafruit of Polestar Design Contest

It is a prototype of “fantasy”, translated into a model 1:1 visible at the Monaco Motor Show (September 5-10), and will probably never be mass-produced.

However, the concept car Synergy could have a wider future, not limiting itself to being just an exercise in style.

This is because the three winners of the competition have had the opportunity to work in synergy with the style center of Polestar for six months.

The name chosen for the car, Synergyunderlines the cohesive strength of the work team for this project.

The 1:1 scale model presented in Munich has a length of 4.56 meters and a height of suns 1.07 meters. While the powertrain is electric, no further technical details, such as specific power or performance, have been released.

What is certain is the new partnership between Polestar e Hot Wheelswhich begins with the Synergy. Following its debut in Germany, the 1:1 scale model will be flown to the United States for the traveling event Hot Wheels Legends Tour.

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