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The new Ford Focus debuts with an even more innovative style

Ford today unveiled the new version of the Focus, the medium sized family. The vehicle is characterized by a expressive design e efficient electrified thrusters. Then there is no shortage advanced connectivity e assistive technologies driving that make the driving experience easier and more rewarding.

The new Ford Focus, a new style


A new approach to Ford’s human-centric design philosophy increases the safety and guarantees bolder exteriors, with a more characteristic style declined for the ST-Line and Active variants. Each version is distinguished by unique stylistic elements, able to underline the personality of each version.

The availability of the SYNC 4 of the latest generation, on the new Ford Focus, makes this technology accessible to more customers. At the same time it allows navigation connected to the cloud it’s a advanced voice control.

The SYNC 4 is supported by a new horizontal central screen from 13.2 in, with an intuitive interface designed to make a series of functions related to driving and car comfort easier and more immediate. The technology also allows for updates to the software wireless Ford Power-Up to improve functionality over time.

Advanced driver assistance technologies first introduced in Focus include the Blind Spot Assist, which monitors the driver’s blind spot for vehicles approaching from behind. This technology allows you to controsterzare automatically, preventing the driver from perform a lane change maneuver.

In addition, automatic transmission is also available on the 48V EcoBoost Hybrid powertrains. The seven-speed dual-clutch Powershift automatic transmission makes driving smoother.

Ford has also expanded the load compartment which now reaches i 1,653 liters on the station wagon version, for greater convenience.

Modern and renewed design

The new Focus delivers renewed exteriors inspired by Ford’s human-centric design philosophy. They are also able to give each new version of the car a distinctive personality. The new hood design increases thefront height for a greater visual presence across the range. Instead the logo of theOval Blue it has been moved to the center of the upper grille and is larger.

I new LED headlights are standard on all new Focus versions and include the integrated fog light functionality.

Every new version of Focus benefits from unique details, with the upper grille and fascia design reflecting the distinctive character of each. The serie Business they are characterized by a large upper grille with a glossy chrome frame. Also available are sturdy horizontal bars combined with side air intakes that protrude from the lower grille.

The plus version sporty ST-Line is characterized by a trapezoidal upper grille supported by a glossy black honeycomb finish. Next to it there are also wider side air intakes and a deeper lower grille. The ST-Line variants also feature side skirts, a rear diffuser and a rear spoiler.

The version Active is inspired by the characteristics of typical SUV designs for a much more robust appearance. A wider upper grille presents vertical bands more consistent and one lower grille deeper with higher side vents.

The package Vignalefinally, it introduces premium specifications for the Active model. The package adds satin details on the upper grille and on the side air intakes, together with an exclusive design of the alloy wheels. The new Focus benefits from five new types of alloy wheels, available on the whole range.

Electrified performance

A diverse range of powertrains includes electrified options that improve efficiency and driving experience fun to drive.

More Focus customers will benefit from the improved efficiency and performance of the new ones motori EcoBoost Hybrid. They will have the option to choose one Powershift automatic transmission seven-speed, with a fuel consumption of 5.2 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 117 g / km according to the standards of the WLTP cycle.

In addition, the dual clutch Powershift transmission offers aacceleration without interruption and smooth, fast gear changes, with triple downshifts for even more responsive overtaking. In mode Sport Drive, the automatic transmission maintains the lower gears for a sportier response.

You can select the gears manually, thanks to the gearshift controls on the steering wheel, standard on the ST-Line variants.

The automatic transmission also allows a fuel economy keeping the hybrid engine at an optimum number of revolutions per minute. This guarantees greater efficiency, allowing the Start-Stop to start operating below 12 km / h.

Available with powers of 125 CV e 155 CV, the new engine mild hybrid 1,0 litri EcoBoost Hybrid 48-volt is also equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, with fuel consumption from 5.1 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions from 115 g / km in the WLTP cycle. The hybrid powertrain uses a starter / generator system belt driven, which replaces the standard alternator. This allows energy to be recovered and stored during vehicle decelerations and recharging the lithium-ion battery pack.

The BISG it is also capable of acting as a real motor, providing assistance to increase the total available torque

For those who travel more kilometers, an alternative is available 120 HP 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine with fuel consumption of 4.0 l / 100 km ed emissions from 106 g / km of CO2 in the WLTP cycle. The version is optionally available with a six-speed manual gearbox. The automatic transmission eight-speed.

Drive Mode technology is available on the new Focus, allowing the driver to choose between Normal, Sport and Eco modes that intervene to adjust the responses of the accelerator pedal, electronic power steering (EPAS) and automatic transmission to suit every driving situation. Active models also feature Slippery mode, for added safety in low-grip conditions, and Trail mode, designed to help maintain gear on uneven surfaces.

Technology to simplify life on board

The new Ford Focus perfectly complements the most recent technologies related to comfort and driving.

Focus is the first car Ford of volume which benefits from the new communication and infotainment system SYNC 4. The system uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that learns from the behavior of those behind the wheel. This way, it provides more accurate and specific search results and suggestions over time of use.

SYNC 4 is supported by a new 13.2-inch central touchscreen. It also features an intuitive interface that allows the driver to use any app and of access information. The new touchscreen also integrates controls for functions such as the warm up and the ventilation.

The system also offers wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay e Android Auto, for a perfect integration between the functions of the smartphone and those of SYNC 4.

Advanced Speech Recognition allows occupants to use their own voice in 15 different European languages, combining on-board data with Internet searches, enabled by the FordPass Connect. Thanks to SYNC 4, the new Focus will receive Ford Power-Up wireless software updates that will perfect it over time.

Using the FordPass app you can access one range of services via your smartphone. Instead the system SecuriAlert Ford can guarantee one more peace of mind using the vehicle’s sensors to monitor any attempts to enter the car.

The subscription Ford Secure includes the assistance service connected in case of theft of the vehicle. The assistance service includes a dedicated call center 24 hours a day with the possibility of tracking and recovering the car. The subscription will give the possibility to receive Neighborhood and location alerts.

Connected Navigation includes information in real time e traffic forecasts.

Lighting technologies include headlights standard full LED. The maneuvering light activates a wider light beam for better visibility when the vehicle detects a low speed maneuver. Moreover, the tecnologia LED Dynamic Matrix incorporates advanced features, including:

  • Glare-Free High Beam: automatic high beam headlights with Glare-Free anti-glare function, which use a front camera to detect oncoming traffic and create an “anti-glare point” within the light beam, blocking those rays that would otherwise cause reflections in the eyes of others road users.
  • Camera-based Dynamic Bending: uses a front camera to read the road ahead and illuminates the inside of the curves of the road, increasing the field of view.
  • Bad Weather Light: changes the light pattern for better visibility when the wipers are activated.
  • Sign-based Light: uses a front camera to detect road signs and use them as a signal to adjust the light beam and better illuminate cyclists and pedestrians at intersections and roundabouts.

The new Ford Focus wagon more practical than ever

Ford has also introduced a number of innovative new features for the load compartment of the wagon version.

The luggage compartment is now finished with a mat which offers a premium feel and uses special fibers that make it easier to clean. Laterally, an additional net turns out to be ideal for storing smaller items which could otherwise move freely in the load compartment during the journey. Finally, the dual LED lights provide brighter illumination in poor visibility conditions.

The adjustable loading floor has a central hinge. This allows you to fold it to create a vertical divider that locks into place at a 90 degree angle. Doing so creates two separate spaces to hold objects in place more securely.

The cargo area also features a washable area, with a removable cargo bed flooring that is water resistant for wet items, such as wetsuits and umbrellas. The water resistant cover can be removed from the space and cleaned easily.

New Focus ST


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