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The new frontier of fans: the best online casinos with the most wanted characters

Let’s find out how it is possible to play various casino games in a fun way thanks to the opportunities of themed games

To all of us, playing on betting sites and online casinos, it has undoubtedly happened at least once to come across some of them that present themed games with very well-known and sought-after characters. Playing on these sites, even if it seems trivial, helps the player a lot to be involved in a nice way, and therefore to appreciate the games even more.

Valeria Endrizzi, author of our site and expert on themed casinos in the Italian market, shows us through this article some of the best online casinos that feature characters or in any case themed subjects for some games: in other words, we dive into a world of fun themed, just as if we were in some sort of amusement park.

One distinction: classic games versus themed games

When we access a betting site or a casino on the web, we usually immediately look for the section dedicated to games such as slot machines, certainly the most popular. Right within this section, an explosion of fun colors, names and logos usually opens up in front of us.

Slot machines are always structured like this, with colorful characters, bright writings and titles reminiscent of video games or table games. And it is precisely in this case that we must make a distinction between classic games and themed games.

Classic games are all those games that do not contain any “branding”. Let’s think, for example, of poker or roulette, or blackjack. These are the classic timeless games, which do not have a specific trademark but which are repeated in every sauce everywhere.

Conversely, themed games are very different games. They can be distinguished because, usually, they are well illustrated precisely through a specific character, or a title of a film, a TV series or something musical. The best online casino usually offers them all the time.

We usually find this type of games in the section of the aforementioned slot machines, the most popular by online casino providers as regards sponsorship with great films, music or TV series famous all over the world.

Casinos with movie-themed games

Often inside the casinos we can find cinema themed games, much more often this year especially among the trends of 2022. Within these sites you will find slot machines that have been created in collaboration with major cinema brands, which now real trends. Below we propose a list:

  • Bwin casino: among the most famous Italian casinos there is certainly that of bwin, which offers some games (in particular slot machines) with a cinema theme. One is in fact dedicated to Narcos, a famous TV series published by Netflix ;; another is dedicated to The Walking Dead, a very long series produced by AMC with a zombie and post-apocalypse theme. There is also the slot inspired by Beowulf, a famous character from Nordic mythology, protagonist of a film a few years ago.
  • William Hill: also on William Hill we find the Narcos and The Walking Dead slots, along with some other particular slots such as Pride of Persia, inspired by Prince of Persia, and Gladiator Jackpot, clearly inspired by The Gladiator.
  • 888 Casino: on this provider you can find the Narcos Mexico slot, followed (indeed, in some ways prequel) of the Narcos mentioned above. There is also the official slot of the Mad Max Fury Road movie, as well as all the “Book of…” slots, always inspired by the figure of Indiana Jones.

The casinos with games inspired by the world of music

So let’s continue with the games inspired by the world of music. For them we can mention the following Italian casinos:

  • LeoVegas Casino: inside you can find the Guns N ‘Roses slot. Do you need presentations? Quite simply, the official slot of one of the most famous rock bands of all time (complete with a soundtrack).
  • StarVegas Casino: we always stay in the rock scene with the official slot of Jimi Hendrix, legendary rock guitarist considered by many to be the best ever.
  • Betway Casino: inside, instead, you will find the slot The Phantom of the Opera, inspired by the famous film but also and above all by the 1986 musical.

Our conclusions

We have seen a number of casinos and 2022 trends for the world of online betting: it is possible to play various casino games in a fun way thanks to the opportunities of themed games. Obviously our list is not exhaustive, but it will certainly be a perfect guide for those looking for casino sites where to try this type of games.