Conosciamo i membri della Bat-famiglia grazie al nuovo trailer di Gotham Knights thumbnail

The new Gotham City trailer introduces us to the members of the Bat-family

A little over a month after the official release, scheduled for 21 October 2022, Gotham Knights is revealed in a new trailer. A video that only increases the expectation in view of the expected release action RPG open world in terza persona developed of Warner Bros. Games Montréal.

The trailer tells us about some aspects of the creation of the videogame and above all of the inspiration, derived from the comics, which led to the creation of the characters of the Bat-family. So here we are presented with different characters, modeled and rethought specifically for the game, such as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood e Robin

The new Gotham Knights trailer

In the video we see several members of the development team explaining the shared work and efforts that led to the creation of the game. In particular, we talk about the narrative elements, interconnected for each character, which form bonds and relationships between the various protagonists. A kind of three-dimensional work on the characterswith the latter all living interpersonal relationships in their own way.

“We know them as masked superheroes. But what is hidden behind that mask? How am I humanly? ” asks one of the developers in the trailer. This question will then be answered in the videogame.


Gotham Knights will be released on 21 ottobre 2022 su PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S e PC. Presales are currently open and those who pre-order will receive the custom skin N ° 233 for the Batcyclebased on the vehicle’s first appearance in Detective Comics issue 233, published by DC.

To learn more about the plot of the videogame, we refer you to our dedicated article.

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