iPhone 14: i nuovi smartphone arriveranno sul mercato nei tempi previsti, non ci saranno ritardi thumbnail

The new iPhone 14 Pro will charge very quickly

The new iPhone 14 Pro will charge faster than their thumbnail predecessors

Just over a week to go until the debut of the new iPhones 14 and rumors about new smartphones keep coming. In these hours, in this regard, new details emerge on the battery charging speed of the new iPhone 14 Pro, the top of the range from Apple. Here are the details on the charging capabilities of the new Apple smartphones:

Will the new iPhone 14 Pro have 30W fast charging?

Apple could finally offer faster charging technology than the current 18W for its range of iPhones. In particular, the new 14 Pros could support up to 30W for a much faster recharge than the current iPhone 13 and also the “non Pro” iPhones which should remain at 18 W.

The charging connector will continue to use a Lightning interface, postponing the adoption of the USB-C port until next year (probably). If confirmed, the rumor reaffirms Apple’s willingness to accentuate the differences between the Pro and non-Pro models in its smartphone range.

The news related to the fast charging at 30 W of the iPhone 14 Pro is not yet official but has been confirmed by theinsider DuanRui, always well informed about news related to the Apple world. More details will come soon. The new smartphones from Apple, in fact, will officially debut on 7 September, during the expected event with which Apple will also debut news for the Apple Watch range.

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