The new Lotus Type 135 car is expected to arrive in 2027

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British car manufacturer Lotus has announced that the successor to the Lotus Elise, the new Lotus Type 135 car, is expected to arrive during the 2027 vintage

The iconic Lotus Elise of the British automotive company Lotus Cars is about to be replaced by new car Lotus Type 135which will be completely electric and is expected to cost 87.804 euro. This new car is part of the Vision80 projectof which the Lotus Emeya (which we have already talked about in this article), theElectre and the D-SUV Type 134. This project aims to make Lotus the point of reference in the field of electric vehicles, focusing on the combination between tradition and advanced technologies.

The new Lotus Type 135 car is expected to arrive in 2027

What will the new Lotus Type 135 car be like?

The Lotus Type 135 is developed and built by Hethel and there should be few specimens (between 10,000 and 15,000 per year). The Chief Commercial Officer di Lotus, Mike Johnstone, defined it as the heart of the brand. It will be essential to maintain the sporting authenticity of the British brand, which does not want to be reduced to being a simple logo on products that do not tell the story of the company. The new electric car will take advantage of the E-Sports platformincorporated into Project LEVA, which promises that it will have a layout reminiscent of mid-engined cars. This choice not only helps to keep the center of gravity low, but also to distribute more adequately weight to a sports car.

According to a report, the Lotus Type 135 will be offered in single and dual motor configurationswith powers varying from 475 to 884 horsepower. If that were the case, it would mean that just the basic version would also be twice as powerful as the Elise, while the higher-performance one could have a V8 engine that hasn’t been around since the Exige, making the car ideal for the track. Lotus’ focus on aerodynamic efficiency will givemore significant autonomy. The battery will have a capacity of 66.4 kWh and could offer aautonomy of 483 km with a single charge. For the 99.6 kWh variants, however, we are talking about an autonomy of 724 km. It will also be compatible with 800V charging, so you can use very fast chargers. The Lotus Type 135 will remain however light, accessible and dynamic.

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