The new MacBook Air M2 worries Windows laptop manufacturers

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According to a report in Digitimes, based on sources within the Asian industry, several notebook manufacturers with Intel CPUs and Windows operating systems are concerned about the possible success of the MacBook Air M2. Apple’s new laptop could outperform the Windows competition causing user requests to drop dramatically. Here are all the details:

MacBook Air M2 worries “Wintel” notebook manufacturers

The term “Wintel” stands for devices with an Intel processor and a Windows operating system. According to a report in Digitimes, the arrival on the market of the MacBook Air M2 could cause a drastic drop in demand for these devices with more and more users preparing to move to the MacBook M2. For the entire industry, the success of the new MacBook could create quite a few problems.

Let us remember, however, that in Italy the MacBook Air M2 starts at 1,529 euros relying on just 8/256 GB and that the 8/512 GB version starts at 1,870 euros. These are very high prices that could limit its success. The real best seller, as long as it is available, will continue to be the MacBook Air M1 which is now permanently available for less than 1,000 euros, guaranteeing excellent performance and reduced consumption.

We will see what the results of the Wintel notebooks will be during the second half of 2022. More details will therefore arrive in the next few months.

We remembered that the new MacBook can be ordered on Amazon with immediate delivery:

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