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The new Nintendo Switch will arrive at the end of 2024

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According to various sources on the net, the new Nintendo console (it is not yet clear whether it will be called Nintendo Switch 2) will be released sat the end of 2024. This was reported in a recent report by Ampere Analysis (via TechSpot). The same report also provides us with data on sales of the first Switch, which in less than six years has sold over 122 million units, becoming the third best-selling console ever.

What we know about Nintendo Switch 2

Already in February some rumors had leaked about the next model of the console from the big N. Specifically, the rumors were fueled by some documents concerning the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. In fact, the documents mentioned some details about the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) service. Specifically, the file attested that NSO would bring numerous classic games to the Nintendo Switch and another device, whose name has been withheld. It is believed that this second console could be Nintendo Switch 2.

In December John Linneman of Digital Foundry, one of the most authoritative experts in the gaming world, had announced that Nintendo would have given up on the production of a Nintendo Switch Pro. Linneman had stated that the company was already planning a new model of Switch, with new-gen technology.

At the moment, apart from the Ampere Analysis report and some other rumors, there is no reliable information on the new Nintendo home console. We just have to wait and cultivate a healthy hope.

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