The new range of Hisense Blackline ovens is arriving

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Total black look, innovation and versatility: all this and even more in the new range of Hisense Blackline ovens

Hisense has introduced its new Blackline oven series. Made up of six models characterized by a total black design, high-quality performance and innovative features for cooking lovers. This range includes four multifunction ovens, a compact combi oven and a microwave oven, offering a solution for every culinary need.

The new range of Hisense Blackline ovens is arriving

Details on the new range of Hisense Blackline ovens

The top model, the BSA66346PBGWIFI, offers an extraordinary capacity of 77 litres, ideal for cooking voluminous dishes and taking advantage of simultaneous multilevel cooking. What sets it apart is the cooking function at 300 degrees, which overcomes the limitations of traditional domestic ovens (250 degrees); allowing you to cook foods at high temperatures such as pizza. This model also features:

  • an integrated steam generator to improve cooking times,
  • pyrolytic cleaning to remove stubborn grease
  • and WiFi connectivity via the ConnectLife app for remote monitoring and control.

The other models in the Blackline series share many of the technical features and functionality of the top model. All multifunction ovens have a capacity of 77 liters and a 300 degree cooking function for pizza. The BSA66346ADBGWIFI and BI65346ADBGWIFI models, however, they use Steam Clean hydrolytic cleaning instead of pyrolytic cleaning. All models offer the AirFry+ function for air frying and WiFi connectivity for remote control.

The new range of Hisense Blackline ovens is arriving

The other models in the Blackline series

The Blackline series also includes the BIM45342ADBG compact combi oven, which offers a capacity of 50 litres, a power of 1,000 W for the microwave and the pizza function at 300 degrees. This oven supports multi-stage cooking and offers versatility to cook a variety of foods on multiple levels at the same time.

Completing the offer is the BIM325GI63DBG microwave oven with grill, a built-in model with 25 liters of capacity and 900 W power for the microwave and 1,200 W for the grill. This model supports multi-phase cooking, simplifies cleaning operations and offers 15 preset programs; and again, rapid defrost functionality, Smart Display and has a modern design like the other models in the Blackline series. The Hisense Blackline range of ovens will be available in Italy by July at major kitchen retailers.

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