The new technology for Hisense Mini-LED ULED TVs was presented

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The brand new TVs with Hisense Mini-LED ULED technology presented: the ultimate all-in-one TV experience

Hisense is a leading global home appliance and consumer electronics company. The company has introduced a new range of TVs in all available categories, offering a high-quality television experience. This new range of TVs offers clear images, excellent sound, easy-to-use features and simple setup. Mini-LED technology is present in all Hisense ULED series and has been developed to generate astonishing brightness, contrast and details.

Thanks to the Quantum Dot, TVs can reproduce over a billion vivid colors; thus ensuring richer, purer and more authentic colours. The Hi-View Engine constantly optimizes image quality; offering ultra-realistic images. The 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth motion for sports and gaming, offering an optimal viewing experience regardless of the content.

The new technology for Hisense Mini-LED ULED TVs was presented

Details on Hisense Mini-LED ULED TVs

Hisense Mini-LED ULED TVs, also known as Ultra LED, they offer detailed and lifelike images thanks to advanced LED backlight control and color management technologies; as well as a series of algorithms that improve the overall quality of images. These TVs offer true colors, brilliant contrast, clear motion and distinct detail, making them ideal for sports, nature, documentaries, movies and gaming.

Mini-LED technology is at the forefront of television innovation, featuring smaller Mini-LEDs that deliver deeper blacks and brighter highlights; improving contrast and ensuring clear images even in the darkest corners. Local Dimming adjusts the contrast for each image, while more LED lights precisely manage individual pixel areas. Thus offering incredible image quality with HDR effect. Quantum Dot Color technology delivers a wide color gamut with unprecedented brightness, further enhanced by the Total HDR solution that supports Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, HDR10 and HLG.

Cinematic experience

Hisense also offers an exceptional cinematic experience with Dolby Vision e Dolby Atmos, which offer rich colors, bright lights and immersive audio. Game mode is supported by features such as variable refresh rate (VRR). Instead the automatic low latency mode (ALLM) and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, guaranteeing a smooth and hitch-free gaming experience.

Hisense Mini-LED ULED TV: a wide range at your disposal

Hisense’s Mini-LED ULED range includes four models, each with unique features. The UXQ series is the top of the rangesperformed by U8KQ, U7KQ and U6KQ. The UX series offers an exceptional viewing experience with Hi-View Engine X and Mini-LED X technology, offering astonishing contrast and original calibration for cinematic quality. The U8 series features Mini-LED PRO with microscopic LEDs and 1500 nit peak brightness, ensuring detailed and lifelike images. The U7 series is optimized for gaming and sportswhile the U6 series offers high-quality performance at an affordable price.

In summary, the new range of Mini-LED ULED TVs from Hisense offers an extraordinary television experience; with crisp images, vibrant colors, immersive audio and advanced features, making these TVs ideal for a variety of content and uses.

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