The new training program that prepares LG professionals for digitization

Il nuovo programma di formazione che prepara i professionisti LG alla digitalizzazione thumbnail

LG Electronics e SDA Bocconi School of Management have inaugurated “LG Italia & SDA Bocconi Corporate Academy”, a program aimed consolidate and enhance the skills of managers and professionals of the company, in line with the new challenges introduced by the Digital Transformation.

LG AND SDA Bocconi School of Management inaugurate “LG Italia & SDA Bocconi Corporate Academy”

Digitization has recently taken on even more centrality following the changes brought about by the health emergency, inducing companies to rethink and innovate their skills in the digital field. The first step of the LG Italia & SDA Bocconi Corporate Academy will therefore be a Tailor-made training course for LG employees in the Marketing & Sales area by title “The Customer Centric Journey”.

The initiative represents the first step in a much broader growth path designed by LG to make its professionals ready for the challenges of the future.

The course will alternate moments of theoretical learning of concepts, models and working methods with “action learning” sessions dedicated to putting the acquired notions into practice. “The Customer Centric Journey” is led by Sandro Castaldo, Full Professor of the Department of Marketing at Bocconi University, Scientific Director of the Channel & Retail Lab and Scientific Supervisor of the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales. The course aims to refine the skills of the professionals involved in light of the growing importance of digital channels, including those linked to e-commerce. It will therefore provide the appropriate tools to be able to correctly evaluate and negotiate projects involving digital touchpoints with external partners and spreading a shared digital culture among employees.

The training course will be structured in classroom training days and webinars starting from the first week of September.

The LG Italia & SDA Bocconi Corporate Academy it is part of the broader scope of partnership initiatives between LG Electronics and SDA Bocconi which also provides for an international collaboration aimed at the development of new strategic, managerial and technological skills and structured on a path of webinars dedicated to the entire European management.

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