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The next features of iOS 15 coming soon

Apple is introducing new features in iOS 15 in every update of its operating system for the iPhone, making it take the time to experiment in beta and deliver the news in due course. This means that there are still some functionality which, although announced (The discussed) have yet to arrive on Apple’s smartphones for some time. Here are the ones that experts believe should be next on the way.

The new features of iOS 15 arriving in 2022 on the iPhone

Apple recently introduced several new features (and even bug fixes) with its updates. And a few days ago I finally brought it up in beta iPadOS e macOS the ability to use l’Universal Control, which allows the use of keyboards and mice on different devices at the same time.

Now, however, several news should also arrive for the iPhone that were announced at WWDC 2021, the conference for Apple developers, or discussed online for a long time. Among these there is one that it does not directly concern Italy but it remains very interesting for the future. We are talking about the possibility of recording driving licenses e papers of identity in your iPhone and Apple Watch, so you can certify name and age even with contactless readers.

Integration with Apple Wallet at the moment it will not concern our country. But if testing in the US works well, it could soon become an option for us too.

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Another feature that according to the Bloomberg expert should soon arrive on iPhones is the possibility of making contactless payments with other devices. A great convenience that allows you to carry out payments between friends and relatives with iPhone, taking advantage of theThe NFC module already present in your smartphone. Apple is investing heavily in the Apple Wallet ecosystem and this move could be a feature that will make a difference for many users.

Apple bought the streaming service last year Primephonic, an app designed especially for fans of classical music. Apple is expected to launch a version dedicated to the classics of Apple Music, which will be part of your subscription to the streaming service. It is not yet clear if it will come with a price increase or if included in current costs.

In addition to these three functions, we expect Apple to extend the three-dimensional mapsApple Maps to other cities. In addition, more and more car models will support keys to open doors in Apple Wallet. In short, there are many news to come before the announcement of iOS 16 at WWDC 2022, scheduled for June. We will keep you informed.

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