Dr. STONE takes the protagonists to the moon | Jump Highlights

The protagonists of Inagaki and Boichi’s smash hit Dr. STONE finally land on the moon, and are about to discover Why-man’s identity. Jump cover dedicated to Matsui’s The Elusive Samurai

In this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, we could enjoy the splendid lunar panorama illustrated by Boichi.

The well-known manga Dr. STONE enters its final climax, with ours who, in the last issue, 226, set foot on the moon. The great scientific journey that led from stone Shadow and the others aboard a shuttle on our satellite, is about to end.

However, the enemy remains to be faced: the mysterious “Why-man“, The one who is supposed to have invented the petrifying devices called Medusa. Senku, Kohaku and Stanley have reached his location on lunar soil, right at the spot where Armstrong planted the American flag.

Inagaki, however, still does not reveal what our heroes see once they reach the goal. This is a mystery that will be solved next week. As always, the manga can be read in simulcast on MangaPlus.

Dr. STONE takes the protagonists to the moon |  Jump Highlights

Not only Dr. STONE: other highlights of Shonen Jump

The cover of the magazine this week is dedicated to The Elusive Samurai, the new manga by Yusei Matsui (Assassination Classroom). The work is meeting public approval, with its unique mix of shonen and historical truth.

Chapter 48 continues to follow this line, citing a peculiar historical fact of the Kamakura War in the fourteenth century. In fact, it is said that to allow the coordinated attack between Ashikaga Takauji and Nitta Yoshisada in two different locations in Japan on the same day was a tengu, who is represented here as a ninja.

Break for My Hero Academiainstead, with the author who seems to want to take his time to conclude the story. Come back instead One Piece, where Kidd and Law don’t give up on Big Mom and unleash yet another combo attack.