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The title already spoils the final verdict, the one you will find at the end of this one OnePlus Buds Pro review. For us, we tell you right away, it is a big yes. They are not perfect – we will talk about them later – but the Chinese company has really reached an excellent level, offering a pair of true wireless headphones that are comfortable, intuitive and full of technology. All at a decidedly balanced price: 149 €.

The OnePlus Buds Pro review

the OnePlus Buds Pro They are not the company’s first true wireless headphones but they are certainly the best produced so far and also the most bodied: active noise cancellation, wireless charging, water and dust resistance and even the Zen Mode Air to listen to white noise, he really doesn’t miss anything.
It might not have spoiled a touch of originality on the design front. The similarity with the AirPods Pro is quite evident but it is also true that too imaginative experiments with the form factor have not been very successful in this sector, prompting the different manufacturers to take advantage of a familiar but very functional look.

Almost intangible

It is precisely from the design that I would like to start because, however conformist, it works and convinces. The two earphones are characterized by a double finish: opaque in the upper part, the one that will get stuck in your ears, and shiny in the lower one. The color also changes: the head of the two caps is in fact black (or white, depending on the color chosen), while the temple is silver. A solution that not only gives a touch of style to the OnePlus Buds Pro but that helps you to immediately recognize the area to use to check its behavior.

Speaking of commands, know that on this front OnePlus seems to have been inspired by Apple’s AirPods Pro. The Buds Pro do not have a touch surface to touch firmly or swipe gently: the rod must be squeezed between the two fingers.
It is a system that we have particularly appreciated since it is simple, intuitive and responsive. With a few decisive “squeezes” you can do everything:

  • one click to play / pause;
  • double click to go to the next track;
  • triple click to activate the voice assistant;
  • long click for noise cancellation and transparency mode;
  • 3 second extended click for Zen Mode Air.

All controls are valid both on the right and on the left, except for the triple touch which can be different for the two earphones, for example by associating the left to the previous track and keeping the right to activate the virtual assistant on duty.

We would not have minded the volume control but its absence does not affect the experience of use which has proved to be particularly satisfactory, also thanks to the featherweight of these true wireless headphones. The OnePlus Buds Pro weigh only 4.3 grams and you will hardly notice that you are wearing them. They also remain firmly in the auricle: worn in bed, before sleeping, we woke up with the earphones still in place.

Also worth mentioning IP55 certification, which makes the two headphones resistant to water and dust, while the case it is certified for splash resistance only. The case, however, deserves a few more words. In addition to IPX4 certification, it is designed to keep the earbuds safe and to support wireless charging. The design with compact dimensions, a matte finish and the magnetic housing for the headphones are also well studied. Inside we also find the pairing button while the outside houses the status LED and the USB-C connector.

The sound quality

It tested for OnePlus Audio ID on OnePlus Nord 2

OnePlus Buds Pro use driver da 11 mm and the company has expressly stated that it has calibrated its earphones for bass reproduction. A statement that corresponds perfectly to reality: the headphones of the Chinese company enhance the bass, which also makes them excellent for watching particularly animated films.
Instead, something is lost in the mid frequencies while the yield on the highs is very good.

Some improvement can be achieved by using the function OnePlus Audio ID. This is a test that you find within the application HeyMelody (for Android and iOS) or directly in the menu if you used a OnePlus smartphone (Bluetooth / OnePlus Buds Pro / Earphone functions / Custom Audio Boost). The purpose of this tool, to be used strictly in silence, is to understand which frequencies you perceive and then generate a custom audio profile that suits you best.
The difference is obvious, though we wouldn’t have minded a classic equalizer so as to change the sound rendering quickly and to our liking.

The calls

Call management is entrusted to three different microphones, accompanied by a particular anti-wind design and an algorithm for the reduction of background noise that intelligently recognizes and filters everything that could potentially disturb your phone call.
The result is very convincing: the voice is clear and understandable in all situations and no interlocutor has ever complained of their surrender.

OnePlus Buds Pro review: noise cancellation

In the age of smart working, your home is not the only place where you find yourself working. Noisy coworking, crowded bars and busy public transport often occur. In your aid comes the active noise cancellation, the technology that reduces external noise to guarantee you better insulation. On this front the OnePlus Buds Pro perform quite well, managing to mitigate the external chaos to leave you a little healthy tranquility.

The ANC system provides two different levels, selectable via the dedicated app (or the Bluetooth settings on OnePlus smartphones). Alternatively you can opt for the Smart mode which monitors the environment and automatically decides which level to apply.

In the middle of traffic, you can opt for the Transparency mode which, on the contrary, amplifies external sounds to allow you to stay in contact with the surrounding environment.

The HeyMelody application

The HeyMelody app on Android

The management of the OnePlus Buds Pro differs depending on whether you use a smartphone from the same company or not. We therefore decided to connect and use them with three different devices: OnePlus Nord 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and iPad Air.

its North 2 everything is perfectly integrated with the system so there are no applications to download. Once the headphones are connected you will have to go to Bluetooth, OnePlus Buds Pro and then Earphone functions to find everything you need. You have control of the noise, the ability to change the controls and the Zen Mode Air, where you can select the type of white noise you want and then save it directly in the earphones. Know that there are currently 5 variants:

  • warm dawn, with chirping birds and a few insects;
  • meditation, which plays relaxing music;
  • summer beach, with the sound of the waves;
  • night camping, with soft sounds of nature and a roaring bonfire;
  • Iceland, with a very mild melody that goes almost always the same if it weren’t for some piano keys.

All of them do their best job, which is to help you relax.

The Settings also include the Audio ID test and the earphone fit test, as well as the firmware update and a tutorial to learn the commands.

We can also find all this on the app HeyMelody which, unlike what happens on OnePlus Nord 2, is in English. The application works very well on both iOS and Android, albeit depriving you of the gaming mode which is only compatible with some OnePlus smartphones.


OnePlus Buds Pro refill review

OnePlus declares Total 28 hours with noise cancellation on, which increases to 38 when ANC is turned off. The two earphones instead travel on 5/7 hours in a row but, as always, it is difficult to verify the accuracy of these estimates.
Overall we can tell you that we have never run out of autonomy: 38 hours means covering almost a week with an average use of 5 hours a day. Really not bad.

You can also count on fast charging to have 10 hours of playback in 10 minutes and up the wireless one, so you don’t have to depend on cables.

The OnePlus Buds Pro review: a big yes

The OnePlus Buds Pro are positioned there, in one of the most competitive ranges on the market, that of the top of the range with an affordable price. They do this by offering users good audio quality, functional ANC, intuitive controls and a well thought-out design that makes them particularly comfortable.
They are not perfect, we had anticipated that. An equalizer would have been useful, perhaps to reduce the bass, and the Pro Gaming Mode only works with some OnePlus devices, bringing the latency to 94 ms, but overall these true wireless headphones have proved themselves. really well done and excellent in the field.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Compact, splash resistant case
  • Good sound quality
  • Good active noise cancellation
  • Test per l’Audio ID
  • Zen Mode Air very useful


  • The equalizer is missing
  • HeyMelody is in English only
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