Blasphemous: announced the release date of the DLC and the arrival of the sequel

The release date of the Wounds of Eventide DLC, which will bring the story arc of Blasphemous to fruition, has been revealed with the release of a trailer

By publishing a trailer, the output data of the new DLC from Blasphemous, the metroidvania developed by The Game Kitchen and originally released in 2019. In the same video, the developers also announced the start of development of a sequel, for which they also indicated the expected exit period. Blasphemous is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Blasphemous: here is the release date of the DLC

The exit date of Blasphemous’s new DLC has been set for the next one December 9 2021. According to what we can learn from the same video, with Wounds of Eventide the narrative cycle started in the first edition of the title will be brought to a conclusion. We also learn that the update will be available for free. As for the sequel, not much information has been revealed at the moment. In fact, the video merely announces it and indicates that its publication is scheduled for 2023.

Blasphemous was made using a side scrolling 2D graphics and, as mentioned, falls into the metroidvania genre. It contributes to its characterization, in addition to the well balanced gameplay, the aesthetics strongly influenced byCatholic imagery. In fact, most of the enemies one encounters refer to ideas such as sin and atonement; the main antagonist, His Holiness Escribar, is represented in such a way as to resemble the pontiff. Finally, even the protagonist, known only as the Penitent, openly recalls the figure of the saint.

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