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The Oppo ecosystem: an expanding world

In the beginning there were smartphones.
Oppo was born with this very purpose: bring to terminal users that they could respond to their needs without ever giving up on innovating. And the Chinese giant knows a lot about innovation. In recent years, it has surprised us with the unforgettable Find X and its motorized camera, with the microscope in the latest Find X3 and even with the rollable smartphone.
This push towards the future has made the Dongguan company it has expanded into success over 50 countries, account more than 40,000 employees and reached the 300 million customers.
However, telephony is only a piece, a part of a broader strategy that aims to create a real ecosystem. An objective that is not surprising given the recent market trend: people are not satisfied with more than one product but want a set of devices that can talk to each other and that simplify the life of those who use them.

The ecosystem of Oppo

Oppo’s expansion started from two sectors that are already extremely populated: let’s talk wearable and true wireless headphones.
A little sensible choice? Actually no. On the one hand because the volumes generated by these markets deserve the attention of all consumer electronics manufacturers, on the other because Oppo can count on 17 years of experience and on a particularly advanced research and development department.

All this has allowed the company to expand its product portfolio by bringing decidedly competitive devices to the market.

Oppo Watch and Oppo Band

Oppo’s offer in the field of wearables includes a smart watch and a fitness band. In short, one for each type but absolutely well thought out.

Oppo Band it is an entry-level product. To win it in fact 49 € is enough for the Sport version and 69 € for the Style. Indeed, in reality even less since on the official Oppo store you will find a lot of interesting promotions. The difference is suggested by the name: they are in fact variants of the same product that are distinguished by some aesthetic element. But the basis is the same: 1.1 inch AMOLED touchscreen display, resistance up to 50 meters, 12 workout modes among the most popular, continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and control of the heart rate. You then have everything you need, including notifications, alarm clocks, weather, music and camera management and the ability to change the dial design to suit your tastes or your outfit of the day.

Basically Oppo Band is a complete product, perfect for anyone who wants to monitor their physical activity without too much effort or enter the world of wearable technology without spending a fortune.

OPPO Watch 46-Lifestyle

If you prefer a more complete experience, then it is Oppo Watch the horse to bet on. We are only in the first generation but the Chinese company has really done an excellent job. The display AMOLED da 1,91”, curved at the edges, it is large enough to allow easy reading of notifications and an equally comfortable interaction with the smartwatch while the operating system, Android Wear, gives us all the versatility we need. On board we have great support for messaging apps, with emojis, keypad to answer and even the microphone to use voice recognition.
The same microphone, combined with the speaker, helps you to handle calls even away from the smartphone; the presence of Play Store allows you to install all the apps you need and the 430 mAh battery can keep you company for over a day before you need an energy shot. And if you are particularly thrifty you come to 21 days in power saving mode. Yes, you read that right: twenty-one.

Oppo Watch is a good companion also for sportsmen, thanks both to the supported apps – Strava and Google Fit to name a couple – and to the presence of GPS that allows you to trace the route taken. There is no shortage of water resistance (up to 50 meters), mini-workouts of just 5 minutes, sleep and heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder and guided breathing exercises for the most stressful moments of your life. day.
The price? 299 € for the 46 mm version but these days you can save thanks to the promo that brings it to € 229.90.

Enco Free 2, Enco Buds and Enco Air: Oppo’s latest true wireless headphones

When it comes to true wireless headphones, Oppo’s portfolio expands a lot. Technically, in fact, there are 6 models that populate the Audio section of the Asian company: Enco Free, Enco X, Enco W51, Enco Air, Enco Buds and Enco Free 2.

The last 3 models have recently landed on the Italian market. But what changes between these three pairs of earphones? Which ones should you choose?

Let’s start with the Enco Buds than with theirs 59,90 € they are the cheapest true wireless headphones. Don’t underestimate them though. First of all they give you, together with their custody, 24 hours of listening with a single charge; once discharged, 15 minutes of recharging will be enough to have another hour of playback. The company then worked on the type of connection used by the Enco Buds that yes, they always use Bluetooth 5.2 but, instead of connecting to each other and then communicating with the smartphone, they transmit the signal directly to the phone so as to ensure a more stable connection and reduce latency.

But how is the audio quality? Definitely good, thanks to the 8mm dynamic drivers studied and AAC format support.
They are not missing noise cancellation in calls, IP54 certification for resistance to sweat and rain and touch controls to answer phone calls, activate Game Mode and manage playback.


Do you want something more? You can point to Enco Air. Autonomy is similar but here with 10 minutes of charging you have 8 consecutive hours of listening. The design also changes and becomes open fit and therefore suitable for those who do not like the sensation given by the in-ear headphones while the drivers become 12 mm, in titanium and flanked by the power bass booster to provide an enhanced listening experience.
Excellent call quality with noise cancellation that uses a neural network to better reproduce your voice net of background noise.
The cost? 99,99 €.

Finally we arrive at Enco Free 2 which are to all intents and purposes the top of the Oppo range, for sale in 129,99 €. The plus here is represented by the active noise cancellation which, using the three-core chip these headphones are equipped with, manages to reduce ambient noise by up to 42 dB. All this for guarantee the right isolation on any occasion, from simply traveling on public transport to moments of concentration at work.
Are you walking down the street? In this case you can use the opposite way: Transparency. This allows the earphones to amplify ambient noise to help you maintain contact with your surroundings.

The Enco Free 2 also can count on the collaboration with Dynaudio, a Danish company specialized in the production of loudspeakers that has contributed to raise the audio quality of these headphones.
But that’s not all: Oppo has decided to meet its users by equipping these earphones with a sound personalization technology which adjusts the audio according to the sensitivity of your ear so as to give the best possible listening experience.
Finally we point out the autonomy, which reaches the 30 ore, and the design of the Enco Free 2, which is in-ear.

Do you want to save? This is the right time to do it. Oppo has lowered the prices on the official store so you can win the Enco Buds for € 29.90, the Enco Air for € 59.90 and the Enco Free 2 for € 99.90.

The future of the Oppo ecosystem

What we have described to you so far is the ecosystem today but Oppo has very ambitious projects. In fact, the idea is to broaden horizons a lot, as evidenced by the TV already announced and presented to the world. Then there will be tablets, notebooks, smart speakers and even appliances. In short, the Dongguan company is ready to give a hard time to the other big giants of the market.

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