The Oppo Enco Air2 review, essential earphones

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Simplicity and low price, with good audio performance. This is the recipe for earphones Oppo Enco Air2, which we tested for this review. Headphones that may be perfect for someone, but not for everyone: in this article we try to help you understand if they are the right ones for you.

Our Oppo Enco Air2 review

Opening the package of Oppo Enco Air2, we had a feeling of déjà vu. Then we remembered that we had already tested the first generation of these true wireless headphones, less than a year ago. Oppo has retained a rather similar design, inspired by the first AirPods. So no rubber pads for an in-ear seal (and no noise cancellation). And a stem that contains the microphones for calls and gives space to the 13.4 millimeters on the driveri.

But Oppo worked on the details, giving us the idea of ​​a product that was not revolutionized but certainly improved. The space for the microphones is better managed, the earphones seem even more resistant to the touch. Even though weighing only 3.5 grams eachthey seem built for resist (they also have IPX4 certification for water and dust).

They are discreet earphones in white, small and light. The case with transparent but opaque lid is just as well, weighs less than 33 grams and is small enough to fit in jeans pockets.

Good stability, but with limitations

We’re not big fans of the rubber-free design, “half ear”. We prefer the greatest possible grip, both for the audio qualities and for the feeling of firmness in the auricle. Wearing headphones during a walk we found ourselves several times a put the earphones in our ears. But we realize that it depends more on our habit than on a real need. The headphones don’t have the stability we’re used to, but they do not fall.

Once we got used to it, we managed to keep the Oppo Enco Air2 in our ears even during not particularly intense workouts without too many problems. During the race, however, we felt unsafe in the ears especially when sweat and fatigue are felt.

be seven get used to the design from early AirPods, you will enjoy these earphones from the first moment. However, they are not recommended for running (where it is still better to aim headphones designed specifically for the purpose).

Connection and functionality

One of the things we most appreciated during this Oppo Enco Air2 review is undoubtedly the ease with which we connected them to our smartphone. Removed from the case they enter directly into pairing mode. Recognized since Bluetooth 5.2 of the smartphone, you have to click “Pair”And if you want you can grant access to contacts to facilitate calls. That’s all.

On Android the system, no need for apps with Fast Pairshowed us a short tutorial for the touch controls of the headphones. Which you can customize as you like to answer calls, pause tracks, double-tap forward and backward, raise and lower the volume by pressing and holding. You can activate the voice assistant and there is even the possibility of activate the camera of the smartphone from afar with a double tap (when the camera app is open on the phone).

The commands then turn out very precise and responsive, a step up from last year’s model in terms of accuracy.

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You can also choose between three different musical profiles, the basic one, the one focused on the voice and the one for boost the bass (we recommend that you always use this, as we explain in the next section).

All really comfortable and simple. The only flaw is that, missing a pairing button, to connect to another device you have to hold down the touch controls of both earphones for four seconds, not exactly convenient. But we’re looking at the details – it’s not a feature you’ll use often.

Oppo Enco Air2 review: audio quality

Audio quality matters when testing headphones, more than any other rating. And the Oppo Enco Air2 during this review brilliantly pass the test on some occasions, less on others. We first used the standard EQ mode, during light motor activity. The result did not excite us.

I bassi Janelle Monàe’s Make Me Feel and Kendrick Lamar’s new album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers were very much lost. And also i higher tones The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down and Battisti’s Con il Nastro Rosa did not vibrate properly. But he reproduced very good complex songs like Frank Ocean’s Pink & White and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The 13.4mm driver works fine, but the equalization it didn’t do all the tracks much justice.

Using the “bass boster”As EQ, Krendrick and Janelle Monàe return to shine, as well as any other hip hop song. But it seemed to us that even the classic rock and pop music songs had greater depth. The low track stood out better from the vocalsdoing justice to the singers.

The result therefore has there positively surprised: a sound enveloping and with enough details to let us enjoy all the playlists, on the level of many other headsets on the market (even more expensive). But the lack of rubber pads makes itself felt when you are on the move: without that grip, you lose the wraparound effect.

They are not audiophile headphones, but they are great for i podcast and for listen to music during the commute to work or to the gym. And if you use them at home and away from excessive noise, they will give you a gift really good performancee.

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Calls and voice assistant

The microphones built into these earphones are very sensitive and can capture your voice well. Activating the voice assistant with a triple ‘tap’ on the headset, the Google Assistant on our smartphone always heard us perfectly.

For voice calls the incoming audio is good quality, we could hear the other person loud and clear. On the other hand, whoever called us understood every syllable well: the volume is high and the sound clear. Oppo uses AI call noise cancellation which makes it easy to be understood. But our voice sounded more ‘metallic’ who was talking to us. A quite phenomenon, however, in headphones in this price range, which prefer clarity to leave the round sound of the voices.

So they are very efficient, even if the sound is not particularly natural.

Autonomy and recharge

Each earphone has a battery inside 25 mAhwhich allows a nominal autonomy of about 4 hours. In our tests they come close, even with calls and tests of various kinds we managed to exceed three and a half hours.

The charging case has a 440 mAh battery, which charges the headphones fully in about an hour and a half. The case can be recharged in just over two hours. We are average for the price range.

The Oppo Enco Air2 review: are they worth it?

You can already find the Oppo Enco Air2 on the Oppo Store at the price of 69,90 euro. A particular price range: there are decent quality products that cost slightly less, but by adding a few tens of euros you can get higher quality products (even Oppo branded).

The difference is all in the rubbers, in our opinion. If you can’t do without it, this pair of headphones is not for you. But if the design in stile prime AirPods you don’t mind, le Oppo Enco Air2 proved their worth during our review (although corridors will have to choose something more stable). If they cost about ten euros less, you could recommend them with your eyes closed, while in this range the competition is excellent. But remain a solid buy, easy to use and with good audio quality.


  • Good audio quality
  • Easy connection and management
  • Lightweight


  • No ‘rubber pads’
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Mechanical voice on call