The original Winamp skin will be auctioned as an NFT

La skin originale di Winamp sarà messa all'asta come NFT thumbnail

Winamp will sell a non-fungible token (NFT) linked to the original graphic skin from 1997 of its multimedia player, becoming the latest company to merge nostalgia and crypto. According to what was revealed, the original Winamp skin will be auctioned as an NFT through OpenSea between 16 and 22 May.

All the money will then go to the Winamp Foundationwho promises to donate them to charitable projects.

The original Winamp skin will be auctioned as an NFT

Winamp is procuring the NFT di arte derivata asking various artists to submit works based on the device by April 15. She then stated that she will give each selected artist i20% of the profits from each sale.

Nineteen of the pieces will be sold in editions of 100 copy, and the remainder will have 97; they will all be sold for 0,08 Ethereum – circa 210 dollars at the current exchange rate. The artists will get the 10% of royalties on subsequent sales, where the seller will set his own price.

Winamp’s head of business development, Thierry Ascareztold The Verge that buyers will get a token blockchain connected to an image of the original skin. Buyers will have the right to “copy, reproduce and view” the image but they do not own the copyright.

Likewise, the selected artists will agree to transfer all intellectual property of their work at Winamp, according to a page by terms e conditions.

Winamp isn’t exactly the service you might remember from the 90s. MP3 playback software was acquired from AOL in 1999only to be sold to the online radio company Radionomy in 2014 after a long period of inactivity.

Radionomyand later its majority shareholder, AudioValley, renewed it as app audio mobile. He later announced a wider raise for this year.