The perfect car for going to the mountains? Here are the features

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The perfect car for going to the mountains? Exists. The specialized site has listed the main features for the car that everyone would like to be able to drive in the snow.

There are several essential features for the perfect machine: four-wheel drive that allows you to travel through snow-covered sections in complete safety, ensuring levels of grip unattainable by two-wheel drive cars, but also a passenger compartment that can accommodate its occupants in maximum comfort. .

High bodywork

The sine qua non of the perfect mountain car is the bodywork with high wheels such as, for example, that typical of SUVs and crossovers. The height from the ground allows you to avoid that the lowest element of the vehicle, generally the rear exhaust pipe or the front spoiler, constantly touches the road surface, thus ensuring the possibility of traveling along road sections without the risk of getting stuck. .

4 × 4 in the snow: the importance of four-wheel drive

Another fundamental requirement is four-wheel drive. Unlike two-wheel drive cars, 4 × 4 cars allow the drive torque to be distributed on both axles. In this way, should one or more wheels lose grip, it will always be possible to continue the journey thanks to the other driving wheels – firmly anchored to the ground.

Large and spacious trunks

One aspect that should not be underestimated when looking for the perfect mountain car is the capacity of the trunk. Those who go on a white week are forced to bring with them all the necessary equipment to tackle ski or snowboard slopes. For boots, boards, skis and suits we would need the Mary Poppins bag, to overcome the problem opting for a station wagon equipped with all-wheel drive can prove to be the ideal choice.

Room for comfort in the interior

The last element to consider when looking for the perfect mountain car is the cockpit. This must be comfortable so as to comfortably accommodate all passengers after an intense day of sport, preferably equipped with heated seats so as not to suffer from the cold once on board, but also spacious. The possibility of having the armrest passing through the rear seat turns out to be very useful if you want to transport your skis inside the car.

What are the best mountain machines?

According to, among the best mountain cars there are: Alfa Romeo Stelvio from 61,500 euros, Mercedes G-Class from 128,100 euros, Audi A4 Allroad from 55,800 euros, Fiat Panda Cross from 17,500 euros and Land Rover Defender from 57,400 euros.

How to prepare your car for the skiing holiday?

If you already own a car, there are some small steps you can take to make your trip on the snow carefree. With diesel cars, always check the temperatures: diesel only takes a couple of degrees below zero to solidify. In any case, all the multinationals of the fuel “additivano” the diesel in order to resist up to –12 degrees. In these cases, a good practice is to fill up as soon as you arrive at your destination, where service stations distribute “Arctic diesel”, capable of not freezing down to -48 degrees below zero. Furthermore, it is important to equip yourself to comply with the current legislation in terms of tires, equipping yourself with winter tires or snow chains in advance.

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