The perfect gaming station? Trust helps you to compose it

La perfetta postazione per il gaming? Trust vi aiuta a comporla thumbnail

The end of September and the beginning of October mark the definitive resumption of activities. It’s time for decisions, for changes of renovations: so why not try to compose the perfect gaming station? For PC gaming enthusiasts, Trust, a leading company in the sector of accessories for the digital lifestyle,
offers the ideal accessories to compose your own versatile gaming station: from the great classics to an interesting audio novelty.

Trust: here are all the products available on the market

Soundbar RGB LED GXT 619 Thorne

This new soundbar with RGB lighting is a practical product, designed for immersive gaming experiences without sacrificing the versatility of the compact size. GXT 619 Thorne, in fact, combines quality audio performance, thanks to its 2.0 stereo speakers with 12 W peak power, with a space-saving design but
attentive to style. In fact, it is possible to choose between six RGB lighting modes to customize the station according to the tastes of each gamer. In terms of use, Thorne simplifies the gaming experience to the maximum thanks to its illuminated front knob, designed to comfortably manage the volume and the ease of connection both to headphones (with AUX cable) and to the power supply (with USB cable) . Furthermore, thanks to the universal connections, this soundbar is also compatible with the TV.

RGB cooling base for GXT 1126 Aura laptops

To keep the laptop cool even during the most intense gaming sessions we think of the RGB illuminated cooling system GXT 1126 Aura, which has a 200mm fan with adjustable speed according to the needs of the game according to the two performance or silent modes. In addition, thanks to the ability to lift the laptop up to 210 mm in height and to choose between 4 different stages of inclination, Aura also improves ergonomics, allowing you to maintain correct posture without straining your neck. On the aesthetic front, however, its contemporary and stylish design, with RGB lighting adjustable in five color modes (neon, rainbow, breathing effect, fixed, flicker, off) makes it ideal for completing the aesthetics of laptops. gaming up to 17.3 “.

Scrivania da gaming XL GXT 1175 Imperius

With its impressive dimensions (140 x 66 cm), the GXT 1175 Imperius desk guarantees maximum freedom of movement when gaming even with two monitors, and offers a solid base thanks to the resistant steel frame and the height-adjustable feet. This desk is a valid ally to manage the controls during the game, because its
High quality horizontal surface, entirely covered with a large mouse pad, is optimized for the sensitivity and sensors of each controller. Still on the use front, Imperius has a cable management system, to always keep them in order and avoid annoying distractions during the game. Finally, for maximum comfort, the desk is equipped with a headphone holder and cup holder, to always have a refreshing drink at hand during the most intense gaming sessions.

Availability and prices

All products are available in Italy at the best physical and online retailers and on Trust’s Amazon webshop: the Thorne RGB LED soundbar at a price of 39.99 euros, the Aura RGB laptop cooling base at the price of 49.99 euros and the Imperius XL gaming desk at a price of 239.99 euros.