The Pixel Watch will receive updates until October 2025

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Google presented Pixel Watch, its first smartwatch, at the Made by Google event last October 6th. And while the company highlighted the various features of the wearable device, it never made it clear how long this would receive updates. Indeed, considering that Pixel devices are at the forefront of receiving OS updates, it was odd that Google didn’t highlight this for its first wearable. But now the tech giant has finally announced that the Pixel Watch will receive software updates at least until October 2025.

Pixel Watch: guaranteed updates until October 2025

Google’s software policy for the Pixel Watch states that the smartwatch will receive regular software updates for “at least three years” after it first goes on sale on the Google Store in the US. This means that the wearable will receive all kinds of updates: security patches, feature drops and new versions of the operating system. In comparison, however, the technological giant guarantees three years of operating system updates and five years of security patches to Pixel smartphones.

What’s unclear, then, is why Google doesn’t support Pixel Watch updates for five consecutive years. Additionally, no specific information has been provided on how often the wearable will update its device with new features and improvements. And that only puts the Pixel Watch in second place over Samsung’s smartwatches, which promises four years of One UI and Wear OS updates. However, Apple continues to be the company that more than any other supports Apple Watch users. But this is nothing new.