Polaroid Music lands in Rinascente in Milan Techprincess

La musica di Polaroid è tutta da Rinascente thumbnail

There is a whole cult around Polaroid, which goes beyond the iconic camera and its shots. It is a set of design and style ideas, with a slightly retro taste, which conquer many people, even adapting to modern times. It is with this in mind that the Polaroid Music line was born, which is making its debut these days in the Rinascente stores. We went to discover it for yourselfin the famous store in Milan.

The Polaroid corner at Rinascente Milano is filled with Music

There are four models in the line launched by the brand. Four colorful speaker Bluetooth characterized by a unique design, reminiscent of that of legendary boomboxes of the 80s, and animated by an adventurous spirit. Each then adapts to the different demands of the public, from the simplest P1 to the most elaborate P4with the dimensions following the same direction.

A key feature of the whole line is the presence of a dedicated application that offers the possibility of remotely controlling the speaker, but above all to access the Polaroid Radio. These are five web stations that broadcast music of different genres. Ideal for animate a party without having to study a special playlist or more simply for discover new music! Thanks to the press of a button we can also save all our favorite pieces from the radio, so that we can listen to them again when we want.

All this and much more on the Polaroid Music line can be discovered in the special corner of Rinascente Milan, a few steps from Piazza del Duomo. A space in which to see the different proposals of the brand live and fully understand the beauty of design of these truly unique products.

Of course, there is also space to explore more ‘traditional’ Polaroid products, such as the classic cameras now available in many different versions. Without forgetting the printerswhether they are Bluetooth or scanned, to bring the vintage touch of the brand also side by side to our smartphones.

Polaroid changes music!

The Polaroid Music line will be available exclusive in the Rinascente store in Milan until next 31 October, as well as on the official websites of the two brands. If you want to have more technical detailson this line, we refer you to our previous article.