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The Plucky Squire shows itself with a new highly original trailer

All Possible Future, developer of the highly anticipated action-adventure “The Plucky Squire,” has released a new gameplay trailer showing off the game’s features.

Finally one has arrived new trailer for The Plucky Squirea brilliant action adventure born from the minds of James Turner and Jonathan Biddle and based on the transition between phases of gameplay in two and three dimensions. The title, initially planned for 2023, failed to meet the schedule, also impacting the financial results of its publisher: Devolver Digital. After a lean year, the work finally seems to be underway in the home stretch and the release date set in stone.

New Trailer for The Plucky Squire: what does it show?

In the new trailer for The Plucky Squire, released on a day already full of announcements, the innovative mechanics introduced by the developer, focused, as already mentioned, on diving from 2D to 3D. Jot, our protagonist, he must abandon the book in which he lives with the aim of changing the unfortunate ending.

We will therefore find ourselves traveling with him not only through the three-dimensional environment represented by the room but also delving into books, scrolls and drawings, which must be explored in two dimensions. It will, therefore, be a eclectic and multifaceted gamecertainly an amazing work!

In the video we are shown a phase of solving a puzzle, which forces you to cleverly exploit your surroundings to overcome an environmental obstacle. Therefore, more relaxed moments will alternate with heart-pounding fights; all in one exceptional artistic frame. We remind you that The Plucky Squire is scheduled for 2024 and will be released on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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