The Poe app makes it easy to create your own chatbot

L'app Poe permette di creare il proprio chatbot in maniera semplice thumbnail

L’app Poe allows you to create chatbot based onartificial intelligence: You can create your own bots using prompts. Poe relies on existing bots, such as ChatGPT, which have been trained on large amounts of text from various sources. With that data and your insights, you can create unique conversational AI.

Poe allows you to create chatbots, based on ChatGPT and more

Poe is the new product of Quorathe popular question-and-answer site, which publicly launched the app in February 2023. Poe’s lens makes the creation of custom chatbotswithout the need for technical or programming knowledge.

Poe allows users to choose from several existing chatbots based on advanced language models such as GPT-4 at OpenAI e Claude+ at Anthropice di change their behavior using prompts. Prompts are instructions that guide the chatbot to generate text in based on specific criteriasuch as style, format or audience.

This way, users can create unique and fun chatbots for various purposes. After Poe’s launch, Quora added new features and subscription options to access the most powerful bots. Poe is also the only app that allows users to use Claude o Claude+the language models of Anthropic.

Poe wants to become a platform for creators of “rapid engineering“, a new trend that consists of leveraging prompts to get surprising results from chatbots.

Quora’s CEO explains, “We’ve seen a lot of great experimentation with LLM hints both within the Poe community and on the Internet, and it’s amazing how much value hint can unlock from language models. We hope this new feature will help people who are talented in sUrge to share your skills with the rest of the world and provide simple interfaces for everyone to get the most out of AI.”

With Poe, which has already reached 1.17 million downloads, it could launch many new chatbots on the market – so that everyone can find their own.