Google increases data transparency on Android

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Google has launched a new data treatment and cancellation policy which aims to give users more control over the data present on Android apps and services: an operation of transparency. This means that users will be able to cancel their accounts with apps and web platforms without fear that their data will still be accessible, according to the company.

Google, more transparency on data processing on Android

Google requires developers to provide an option to initiate account and data deletion both within apps and online. This option will need to be connected to the data security module. A new addition to the app install page on the Play Store.

Users will thus be able to obtain all the information on the data deletion regarding any app they want to download. Even before downloading it.

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Developers will also need to increase transparency about how manage user data after account cancellation. Thanks to Google’s new data deletion policy, users will be able to be sure that their data are deleted along with their accounts.

They will also know because some data is not deleted. With the guarantee that they will not be used or sold to malicious parties. This change will be available on the Google Play Store early next year after the developers have sent the data security form by 7 December of this year.

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