The popularity of Macs discourages Intel, AMD and Nvidia

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Bad news for Intel, AMD e Nvidia. Companies are reportedly bracing for a possible drop in shipmentsand a consequent decline in revenue, for the remaining months of 2022. In this same period, however, the popularity of Macs will continue to grow visibly.

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are predicting a drop in revenue due to the popularity of Macs

Citing industry sources, DigiTimes reports that Intel, AMD and Nvidia have revised and lowered their expectations on how many chips and products will ship in 2022, and their revenue targets. In contrast, according to the report, Apple may be the only company to see an increase in shipments thanks to the sale of MacBook Air e MacBook Pro M2. More specifically, Intel lowered its 2022 revenue targets by approximately $ 11 billion, and expects PC chip shipments will decrease by 10% compared to 2021 due to lower demand.

AMD, on the other hand, expects its shipments will decrease between 14% and 16% in 2022, compared to a 7/9% decline initially forecast. But these aren’t the only companies that made bad predictions for the year. Even companies like Dell, Acer, HP e Asustek Computer they all cut their expectations and projections for shipping and revenue. Conversely, Apple plans to ship approx 29 million MacBooks in 2022, an estimate higher than that of the last three years, at least according to DigiTimes. On the other hand, now the Cupertino company has almost completed the transition from Intel processors in the Mac to its own custom silicon chips. And that certainly doesn’t help Intel. Apparently, therefore, the forecasts of the companies could be more than realistic.