The Postal Police reveals the results of Operation Dark Web

La Polizia Postale rivela i risultati dell'Operazione Dark Web thumbnail

Group of hooded computer hackers with obscured faces lined up in formation as army soldiers. Programmers, internet experts and cybersecurity technicians joined for common goal.

The Postal Police Dark Web Operation ends with a string of successes. The investigators, in fact, managed to recover over 16 million euros and ad identify 12 parties involved in the online sale of credit card codes. Overall, over 49,000 cards were stolen. The investigation that involved constant monitoring of the Dark Web lasted about 3 months.

The Postal Police has identified and blocked a traffic of stolen credit card codes on the Dark Web

Italy is the leader in Europe for combating the sale of illegal credit card codes on the Dark Web. The data was confirmed by the Postal Police within the high-impact European action called ‘Carding Action’. Investigations by the Postal Police, in cooperation with 9 other European countries and the United Kingdom, led to the blocking of over 49,000 stolen card codes. The various payment circuits contributed to the monitoring activity carried out the necessary reports.

Significant economic damage avoided

The intervention of the investigators made it possible to stop several illegal trafficking related to credit cards. Overall, an avoided loss of approximately € 16 million was estimated. At the end of the investigation, 12 profiles of different nationalities were identified involved in illicit trafficking on the Dark Web.