The preview of Against the Storm: a strategic adventure in the rain

L'anteprima di Against the Storm: un'avventura strategica sotto la pioggia thumbnail

We tried Against the Storm, the roguelite of Eremite Games to be released in 2022 on Steam and we are ready to tell you what we think with this preview. On Epic Games the title is available in version Early Access and it is also taken for granted so hurry up and do not miss this opportunity.

The preview of Against the Storm: the roguelite by Eremite Games

Against the Storm is the latest game from Eremite Games and the developer’s first title outside the ecosystem Android/iOS. It is a particular and unique title of its kind, capable of to test ourselves from the start.

The title is set in a fantasy world where it never stops to rain and our main goal is to build settlements in the called area Royal Woodlands. Here we are entrusted with lands, living creatures and resources from one almighty queen that will bless or torment our expansion and fortification efforts.

Blessings can come in the form of invaluable supplies and projects. Failing to please the queen, however, will test her patience and risk bearing disadvantages to our world. This, of course, could also mean the end of our adventure.

The beginning of each run introduces variables they provide benefits e penalty during our game, which appear in the form of playing cards. Fortunately, Eremite Games makes it easy for anyone new to this kind of building and strategy to keep up. The title will indeed be littered with tips and informative texts which will make the adventure of the newcomers much easier.

At the beginning the title is simple and understandable; however, the further you go, the more complicated it gets. It will not be easy to master the mechanics and the game strategies but this is probably one of the most interesting aspects. The sense of challenge which is perceived intensely in every game.

Storms will give us a hard time, gradually increasing the difficulty within Against the Storm. As a roguelite, every game will result interesting and more monotonous, allowing us to learn and learn more about the world around us.

Manage units

During our adventure we will have to manage some resources and strive to make the queen happy. Managing units effectively can lead to bonus e rmajor endiments as we explore the clearing. Failure, on the other hand, will even risk let us die.

There is a cost for each item in Against the Storm and we will only be successful if donoremo, we will invest e we will plan with strategy and attention. Careful planning is crucial to being able to succeed and survive another day, as any storm will bring dire consequences.

Mastering the title requires weather, attention e perseverance but we are sure that you will succeed without problems. Plan your next moves, be smart and pay attention to your moves.

Any defeat, in reality, is a new beginning and a new way to start over with more knowledge and information our new adventure. Furthermore, the casual and strategic elements of the title make it interesting, compelling and exciting.

Against the Storm is a tough journey, made of defeats, complicated choices and strategy. Death is always around the corner and that’s why you have to calibrate your every slightest move to succeed in your mission. Do not be discouraged and, indeed, embrace the defeats: only thanks to them will you be able to understand e thrive.

We are not particularly passionate about roguelikes and at the beginning our adventure showed itself immediately complicated e hard. We even thought about giving up the challenge but we are happy we didn’t. The fact that this title is aimed at challenge us e to test us, pushed us to give our all in every match.

With calm and a little forethought, we too have managed to thrive and understand the basics of Against the Storm. Besides, thanks to his colorful graphics e vibrant, we almost felt compelled to give him a second chance, by working hard. It is a title particular and different from those found around.

We are sure that it could also thrill those who they never put their hand su un roguelike.

To conclude, we remind you that the title will be available on Steam in 2022 while on Epic Games it is available in version Early Access. For more information you can consult the official website.