Battlefield 2042: Trailer Shows Three New Maps Present At Launch

In a new video trailer, DICE has introduced three new maps that will be available upon the release of Battlefield 2042

DICE has just released a trailer of three new maps that will serve as main locations during the Battlefield 2042 launch period. Previously, some major changes made to the game have already been shown, following the feedback received from players who have tried the beta , thus uncovering a truly considerable number of critical issues. DICE wanted to take the matter in hand immediately, and also clarified the role that the Specialists will have, another peculiarity of the title that does not go down to a good number of traditionalist fans.

The trailer for the new maps of Battlefield 2042

The new maps will lead to greater verticality compared to previous titles, applicable in both close and longer range combat. Vehicle assaults and dynamic destruction between the various modes will be present in large numbers. Speaking of modalities, initially there are will be three: All-Out Warfare, featuring games based on Conquest and Breakthrough, available on seven maps; Battlefield Portal, which will contain the tools to build the most personalized games possible, using the Battlefield Builder; finally, the Hazard Zone mode, introduced in this chapter.

In the Battlefield 2042 trailer we can see the maps:

  • Renovation: set in the Egyptian desert, one is visible power plant powered by solar panels on one side, and a research facility on the other. The area is separated by a wall that can be crossed through various entrances and bottlenecks.
  • Leak: set in Antarctica, near an oil platform located next to an icy coast, together with an observation point overlooking the battlefield. We can move among the glaciers and the frozen hills through cables to cling to to slide up and down, as well as through rope bridges and wingsuits.
  • Abandonment: in a flooded village on the west coast of India, fighting will focus on the streets, lo skeleton of a ship and numerous stacked containers. The CQC will be the protagonist of this map, implemented inside the ship while outside of it the battle between vehicles raging raging. Players will have to pay close attention to changes in the weather.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19, and it will already be possible to play it in Early Access starting November 12. Keep following us on our site for more gaming news, and take a look at the Instant Gaming store to find interesting games at reduced prices.

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