The preview of Ghostwire Tokyo: A Promising Spooky World

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The wait on Ghostwire: Tokyo it gets more and more intense and the release date of this intriguing FPS is now near. After attending a press conference about the game, thanks to Tango Gameworks e Bethesdawe were able to preview Ghostwire: Tokyo and the charming haunted capital of Japan. The preview on PlayStation 5 concerns the first two chapters of the game which however provided us with the means to be able to tell you a little more about this promising title (obviously, without spoilers).

Our preview of Ghostwire Tokyo

Unlike the first impressions of the last hands-off, having touched the possibilities of the title first hand gave us a new vision which, however, does not differ from the initial sensations. We actively explored a fascinating Tokyo hit by a mysterious cataclysm: a cloud overwhelmed the streets and buildings of the city making all human beings in circulation disappear. In their place, the city has been invaded by spirits that are part of Japanese folklore, far from friendly.

The only survivor of this event is Akitoprotagonist of the game, who wakes up after a car accident after being possessed by the spirit of KK. It is a character still shrouded in mystery who, however, in addition to saving Akito’s life (?), Will allow him to control and use the powers of spirits. The two will join forces to ally themselves against the one who appears to be responsible for these events, an equally mysterious individual hiding behind a hannya mask. For some reason, he is interested in Akito’s sister, Bigan important element for the success of his plan.

From here begins an adventure series that will push Akito and KK into the heart of Tokyo in an attempt to save the souls of the lost, help the benevolent spirits and find out more about the mysterious Hannya and her terrifying plan.

Fresh and intuitive gameplay

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action video game with RPG elements. From all this derives a gameplay that already in the first videos, we knew would give us a lot of satisfaction. From what we have seen, first impressions have been expected. Exploring the city, as anticipated, we will often meet spirits and ghosts who will try to stop us and we will have to use the powers of KK against our enemies. These include initially ranged attacks that take advantage of the power of the ventor and that Akito will unleash simply with the laying on of hands. Likewise he can protect himself from enemy attacks or attacking melee to destroy surrounding objects.

Any action that involves interaction with the spiritual world, results in moves of Kuji Kiri, a practice of laying on of hands and fingers which, according to Eastern culture, contains esoteric messages. The levels of the animations are sensational and give a lot of satisfaction to the player. Even if at times the fights are a bit woody for theabsence of dodges or particular moves, in the long term you will be able to master them in a short time. As you progress through the game, we will also acquire new mystical powers and even a bow with which to attack from a distance and in complete safety. The game offers the possibility to move in stealth and attack ghosts from behind with other thrilling animations.

Killing enemies, overcoming side missions, collecting the souls of the lost (and so on), will provide Akito experience points that will allow him to level up. At each level up we will be able to spend certain points to unlock and upgrade skills on three different branches divided into CapacityAkito’s abilities in general, Ethereal textureabilities related to spiritual powers, ed Equipment. It is about fairly simple but effective skill trees and anything but simple to unlock all of them, for an excellent degree of challenge. In this regard, there are 4 difficulty levels to be selected at the beginning of the game. Haunted Tokyo awaits you!

The fascination of Japan now with Ray-Tracing

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From a technical point of view, we certainly cannot say that Ghostwire Tokyo aims to become the new standard. We are in fact facing a title anything but next-gen (or rather, actual-gen), but which still manages to defend itself very well. Thanks to the hardware support of the PlayStation 5, the game allows you to select between Quality mode, with the legendary Ray-Tracing and performance mode. The first guarantees a yield of light and reflections that are nothing short of exceptional at the expense of a fixed framerate at 30. Performance mode sacrifices some visual beauty for smoother gameplay. The difference is there and it is great but it does not compromise the immersion given more by the atmosphere of the game than by the technical quality.

Speaking of which, let me tell you that the settings of Ghostwire Tokyo are nothing short of wonderful. Whether or not you are a fan of Japan, the charm that this title manages to restore is undeniable, embodying the lugubrious and mysterious rhythm it wants to give. Music, sound effects and animations are all in line to give the player the pleasant thrills of the folklore of one of the most fascinating cultures out there. All this, fortunately, without the very presence of bugs.

Our preview of Ghostwire: Tokyo in a nutshell

Ghostwire: Tokyo is enjoying us more and more and we can’t wait to be able to tell you more in the review of the full game that you will soon see on these channels. We are not faced, at least until now, with a revolutionary video game, but within a few hours it managed to keep us glued to the Dual-Sense (which fully supports the game), like few others.

We are sure that Akito, KK and the other characters in the game still have a lot to tell and show us and when a horde of angry spirits invade Tokyo, who will you call?