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Microsoft: Xbox will be fully recyclable by 2030

Microsoft just shared an update regarding its sustainability efforts, promising to improve the recyclability of its products over the next eight years: the company announced in January 2020 that it planned to totally cancel its carbon footprint by 2030, and now, two years later, it seemed like the right time for the company to show the first results of their efforts in this regard, reiterating that it aims to make the Xbox ecosystem totally recyclable.

Microsoft: The Xbox ecosystem will be fully recyclable

Two years after the 2020 announcement, the president of Microsoft Brad Smith provided an update on how the company is moving towards its sustainability goal, with Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations Dave McCarthy posting a specific game report on Xbox Wire.

According to what we read in this document, Microsoft plans to ensure that all Xbox products, accessories and packaging are 100% recyclable by 2030. McCarthy added that the Xbox Series X | S consoles were recently rated 97% recyclable. To further improve the situation, Microsoft is incorporating post-consumer recycled resins into its products, starting with the Xbox Series S and official Xbox controllers.

Microsoft has also made improvements in the software sector. The company reiterated that an update last year enabled the energy saving mode Xbox to download system and game updates with this setting enabled, whereas previously it was only available in Instant On mode.

Microsoft is also exploring the environmental impact of Xbox Cloud Gaming. For now, the goal is to improve the Azure data centers that power the cloud offering. McCarthy says these will be run on 100% renewable energy by 2025.

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