The “Pro Max” iPhones will exclusively have a periscope sensor

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Apple seems to have clear ideas about the future of its iPhones: for the next few years, in fact, the Cupertino house intends to introduce a periscope sensor for its top of the range “Pro Max” starting with the new ones iPhone 15. This sensor will be an exclusive of the largest and most expensive model in the range at least until 2025.

The periscope sensor will be exclusive to the iPhone Pro Max until at least 2025

At least for the next two years, the periscope sensor will be exclusive to the Pro Max line of iPhones and will not arrive on other models. The confirmation comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, reference insider for all the news related to the Apple world.

According to Kuo, both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 series will include a periscope sensor but this sensor it will be exclusive to the Pro Max (model that could also be called Ultra). According to the information provided by the insider, it will be necessary to wait until 2025 to register the debut of this sensor on other iPhone models.

For the foreseeable future, Apple intends to continue to propose exclusive items for your Pro Max, model that could record a further increase in price in the coming years. More details on the new arrivals for the iPhone range and, in particular, for the new iPhone 15 Pro Max due out in September will emerge in the coming weeks.