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Lucid Motors auto: the anti-Tesla that still few know

It is now established that i electric vehicles are part of our daily life, but can we really say that we know its characteristics and models like the cars we grew up with? Excluding the historic brands, which for some years have added electric motors to their range, are pochi i brand known for the exclusive production of electric cars. The most famous is certainly that of Tesla, but on the international market there are several companies that are making their way into the world of electric four-wheelers. One such car is the Lucid Motors.

Lucid Motors car, how it was born

Founded in 2007 under the name of Atieva, the company started its activity producing batteries e electric thrusters for other vehicle manufacturers. He is alone in 2016 that the company, under the leadership of CEO Peter Rawlinson (formerly Tesla’s vice president of engineering) and Vice President of Design Derek Jenkins (formerly Mazda’s head of design in North America), decided to change its name and give life to the first all-electric luxury vehiclethe Lucid Air. This is also thanks to a huge loan from external investors, which has allowed the construction of one of the largest plants in the sector, in Arizona, with an industrial plan that aims to bring annual production from the current 15,000 units to around 150,000 by 2025.

Lucid Motors auto

Lucid Air

Sustainability, luxury and innovation

“We’re not just building zero-emission cars that can be powered by renewable energy sources. We have an unwavering commitment to making the best use of those resources“. As can be deduced from their own words, the philosophy of the Californian house can be summed up in three nouns: innovation, luxury and sustainability. The goal of this project is in fact to create a sustainable mobilitywithout any compromise in terms of efficiency e luxuryusing the best resources present on our planet. An undoubtedly ambitious work, which in fact required years to become real, and which will perhaps require as many to truly conquer the world market.

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Lucid Motors: models, features and prices

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air remains the first, and for now only, model of the American brand on the market. Born as a prototype in 2016, it officially went into production starting from 2021 in the versions Pure, Touring, Grand Touring e Dream Edition. On the other hand, it has landed on the European market only in recent months, a little behind the forecasts we told you about in this article:

Let’s see the main features for each version:

  • Air Pure: dual motor AWD traction of 88 kWh e 480 hpwith a range of 660 km;
  • Air Touring: dual motor AWD traction of 93 kWh e 620 hpwith a range of 684 km;
  • Air Grand Touring: dual motor AWD traction of 112 kWh e 800 hpwith a range of 755 km, or 830 km, depending on the diameter of the 21 or 19 wheels;
  • Air Dream Edition: dual motor AWD traction of 118 kWh e 933 hp in the Range version, or 1.111 hp in the limited Performance version, with a range that varies between 726km and 837km, depending on the diameter of the wheels and the model.

To these is also added the Air Sapphireon sale this year, with a triple AWD drive motor of 118 kWhmore than 1200 hp and a top speed of over 322 km/h, at the modest sum of $ 249.000.

I prices some other models instead start from $ 87.000 for the Air Pure, then go up to $ 107.400 e $ 138.000 per i modelli Air Touring e Air Grand Touring, e $ 169.000 for the Dream Edition.

Lucid Gravity

The house has announced that starting next year it will launch the first one on the market Electric SUV Of Lucid Motorsthe Lucid Gravity. The new entry was confirmed at the end of the year that has just ended, but there is still little information regarding its technical characteristics. We can only anticipate that as with the previous models, the Gravity it will not fail to amaze with its performance, materials and attention to detail.

Lucid Gravity

Lucid Motors: results and future

Although the last year of Lucid Motors has not been exactly rosy in terms of production, that of electric cars remains a growing market, and the Californian company will continue to be part of it. after thelanding on the stock exchange happened in 2021, there are many people who have decided to invest their money in the stock of Lucid Motors. The value of the shares initially skyrocketed, but then an unexpected drop in production of 2022, with numbers below the expected 20,000 vehicles, and other external factors, such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict or the success of rival companies, the shares have dropped drastically, putting the Californian company’s future in difficulty.

Despite this, Lucid Motors has decided to continue looking to the future, also thanks to the recent funding from Saudi Arabia, which has invested more than 3 billion dollars for the creation of a new factory in Kaekon their territory, which should lead the company towards a further leap in production, with an estimate of 365,000 cars a year.

So we just have to wait and see what the future has in store for this company, now a little less unknown, and the entire electric car market.

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