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The Quest – the feat of the paladins: on Disney Plus from 11 May

The Quest – the feat of the paladins, the brand new hybrid series that mixes fiction and reality, is about to land on Disney Plus

If you are looking for a new series, can reconcile two apparently irreconcilable genres as the reality show and the fantasyAt that time The Quest – the feat of the paladins could do for you.

I biggest reality producers e i best international storytellers they have in fact decided to collaborate, to give life to a different show than usual. A journey that will lead us to Everealm, a fantastic worldin the company of 8 teenager they will have to compete in a variety of missionsin order to save the earth from evil.

The series already has one previous editionset in the Fantasy Kingdom of Saenctum, shot in Austria and then broadcast on the channel ABC in 2014.

The Quest - the feat of the paladins: on Disney Plus from 11 May

The Quest – the feat of the paladins, an innovative series

For thousands of years, Everealm it was a wonderful and magical land, which knew how to live in peace. But now, the kingdom is threatened by a powerful evil sorceress. The hope of returning Everealm to its former prosperity lies in eight teenagers come from another world. The boys, called Paladinswill have the task of work together to win a variety of challengesmake an ancient prophecy come true, so that the witch is defeated. Failure would lead to Everealm’s demise.

The Quest – The Paladin Achievement is produced by Court Five, New Media Collective e Scout Production Inc. The executive producer of Court Five are Jane Fleming e Mark Ordesky, already awarded for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For New Media Collective there are instead Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri e Mark Dziakcelebri per The Amazing Race. Rob Eric, Michael Williams e David Collinsalready known for Queer Eye, are instead the executive producers for Scout Production Inc.

The Quest – the feat of the paladins is one hybrid serieswhich unites scripted contentwhich then go to follow a script, to others unscriptedwhich have no script. Reality and fantasy will therefore collidethrough eight real teenagers transported to a fictional world, among castles, kings, magical creatures and of course, an evil witch.

The Quest - the feat of the paladins: on Disney Plus from 11 May

The words of the creators

Jane Fleming e Mark Ordesky, executive producer of the series for Court Fivehave confided that The Quest is an exciting new form of storytellingso long as real people are inserted into a fantasy world, completely rebuilt and best conceived by the best artisans of each film sector.

Elise Doganieri e Bertram van Munster, executive producer per New Media Collective they added:

It’s an innovative genre, where we put real teens in a reality show and take them into a completely realistic fantasy world, full of intrigue and actor-enacted adventures, for an immersive all-round experience.

Michael Williams e Rob Eric, executive producer for Scout Productions they focused on the most external aspect of the series:

We focused a lot on the show’s aesthetics, from production design to costume design, making sure everything looked authentic. We wanted both our Paladins and our audiences to feel immersed in the epic world we created.

If you are curious and do not want to miss this new series, you just have to wait for tomorrow, 11 maggioWhen Disney Plus will release the new format, consisting of 8 episodes.

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