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The Redmagic 8 Pro review: literally unbeatable

If until a few years ago talk about smartphone da gaming it would have seemed very strange, today it is no longer the case. Games for mobile devices have evolved more and more and have carved out a large space among the fans. Consequently, the instrumentation has also made great strides, offering novelties and devices that are increasingly ready to respond to the needs of the players. So let’s see in this review how the Redmagic 8 Prowhich we have put to the test (hard) these days.

Redmagic 8 Pro, the review of a smartphone (not only) for gaming

We will not stand here and make the rhetoric of the “telephone you need to make calls, my lady”. The devices that accompany us every day they can and must offer much more, depending on our specific needs. Speaking of a gaming smartphone however, it is worth highlighting in the review such as the Redmagic 8 Pro is not only useful for one player.

Having a high performance device like this can come back definitely comfortable even in everyday life. Several of its features such as 12 or 16 GB of RAM (depending on the version chosen) or especially the impressive 6,000mAh batterywith a truly exceptional duration as we will see, they make it more pleasant to use even just to scroll through social networks or keep in touch with friends and work.

Where it loses a few points, in a necessary trade-off, it’s on camera. If the 50MP rear one defends itself all in all, the 16MP front one is already less valid, which however has the great advantage of being hidden behind the display, favoring the gaming experience. Not that the shots are particularly disastrous, but if you want to take really worthy selfies, this is not the smartphone for you. What then, that’s just the point of the talk.

The Redmagic 8 Pro is a gaming smartphone, but what it is very capable of fully satisfying the main needs of the average user. It can easily be the unique device of each of us, always guaranteeing high-level performance, to then show its true strength when you start playing. It’s here let’s get to the juice of the Redmagic 8 Pro review.

It was a decidedly demanding challenge

redmagic 8 pro smartphone gaming recensione 05

When we got our hands on this gaming smartphone, after pulling it out of – we want to emphasize it – one beautiful packaging and very nice packaging, we have tried in every way to put him in difficulty. We really took it as a challengea clash in search of possible defects that can complicate our games.

We downloaded several titles that required some effort from the device. We have set all the graphics features to the maximum where possible. We launched into rather long gaming sessions (always telling friends and family that it was work). In short, we really did everything to try to put him in crisis. But nothing, not even a failure.

In our playing hours we never saw a graphical glitch, a flicker, a slowdown. Uploads have always been quick and immediate. The response of the screen and the accelerometer (essential in driving games for example) is always been optimal and the extraordinary visual rendering, also thanks to the excellent display da 6,8″ AMOLED.

redmagic 8 pro smartphone gaming recensione 06This is the lever that will take us straight into the world of smartphone gaming

We have loved the ability to transform it also from the point of view of the interface in a console thanks to a side switch. Just one click and we will find ourselves in a dedicated dashboard, with all our favorite games available to launch us into the challenges. A way to blur the boundaries even more between traditional and smartphone gaming.

The Redmagic 8 Pro gaming smartphone review: The battery is impressive

If on the performance side we had to raise the white flag, we hoped at least to be able to undermine the Redmagic 8 Pro on the more pragmatic aspects. But here too, nothing, he won again.

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Even without the need to intervene on the interface for performance control and management (a very useful and easily accessible function when we play) everything worked perfectly. We made an extreme attempt, by removing the cover already included in the package and continuing in the “naked” gaming smartphone to check for a possible heating of the device, but nothing. Even after long sessions, it still remained relatively cool.

The battery then really left us stunned. A full charge takes very little time and lasts a very long time. We must not fear that our Redmagic 8 Pro can turn off during a game session, even when they are particularly prolonged. We were truly impressed.

Redmagic 8 Pro, a really satisfied review

redmagic 8 pro smartphone gaming recensione 01

What to say then? The Redmagic 8 Pro it exceeded our expectations from virtually every point of view. It is an excellent gaming smartphone, capable of responding to our attempts to put it in difficulty and is more than valid even for “traditional” operations, the day-by-day of each of us.

If we add to all this a price perfectly in line with the generalist marketwe realize that this smartphone really has the power to conquer everyone, not just the most hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

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