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Disney Plus: The Good Mothers is available today

We’re finally here, starting today, April 5, 2023, the very Italian and highly acclaimed series The Good Mothers is finally available in the Disney Plus catalog: let’s find out all the details together

The dense catalog of Disney Plus continues to be updated on a regular basis, both as regards films and, above all, for TV series. If, for example, we recently told you about The Boston Strangler, a very recent crime starring Keira Knightley, our impressions on Fleishman in pieces will also arrive shortly and on much more in the months to come! For example, one of the most anticipated series for the platform for this month of April is finally available today. And yes, we are indeed talking about The Good Mothers.

The Good Mothers is the story of courageous women fighting for their lives and the future of their children, in the constant battle against the ‘Ndrangheta. The synopsis, provided by Disney Plus, is as follows:

Based on a true story, “The Good Mothers” retraces the story of Denise, daughter of Lea Garofalo, Maria Concetta Cacciola and Giuseppina Pesce, three women who dare to oppose the ‘Ndrangheta. To help them the PM Anna Colace who, as soon as she arrived in Calabria, has an intuition: in order to be able to bring down the clans of the ‘Ndrangheta, it is necessary to target women. It is a strategy that involves great risks: the ‘Ndrangheta is known and feared for its iron fist and insidious power. “The Good Mothers” follows Denise, Giuseppina and Maria Concetta in their attempt to free themselves from the criminal power and collaborate with justice.

From the synopsis to the wonderful cast: here is The Good Mothers, available exclusively on Disney Plus

The cast, almost all female, is made up of:

  • Micaela Ramazzottiwho plays Lea Garofalo, a courageous woman who denounced her family and husband to protect her daughter
  • Gaia Giracewho plays Denise Cosco, a valiant 17-year-old girl, daughter of Lea Garofalo and Carlo Cosco.
  • Valentina Bellewho plays Giuseppina Pesce, a woman who had the strength to fight alone against her whole family.
  • Simona DiStefanowhich interprets and tells the story of the mother Maria Concetta Cacciola and the strength of her love.
  • Barbara Chichiarelliwho plays Anna Colace, a tenacious prosecutor who fights to break down the wall of silence.

All episodes of The Good Mothers are available today exclusively on Disney Plus. Let us know what you think in the comments below. and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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