The relaunch of CartissimaQ8 in the name of digital innovation

The relaunch of CartissimaQ8 in the name of digital innovation

The differentiation of the offer makes CartissimaQ8 a flexible and effective tool, capable of adapting to market demands

Offering high-level services means paying attention to customer needs and continuing to evolve, aiming higher and higher, and this is precisely the example of Kuwait Petroleum Italia SpA with its CartissimaQ8 product: the fuel card which today is renewed by offering advanced features and tools.

Payment monitoring with digital tools

Managing a fleet of drivers is a challenging undertaking, which implies a constant monitoring consumption and expenses. In order for this to happen in an easy and effective way, the portal CartissimaWeb it has been revamped to become even more functional and allow for one simpler and more intuitive navigation. These features are mainly due to the new user friendly and customizable interface that responds to the different needs of all users. There customization it does not stop only with the restyling of the portal but concerns the entire offer of services with a range of packages to choose from, which varies in size and type of fleet to be managed. The available features they are numerous and designed to simplify, and at the same time improve, the monitoring activity. It is possible, in fact, to constantly check the different driver cards, through dedicated accounts, and check in real time the situation relating to transactions, invoices and polluting emissions.

Digitization and security

Such a precise and timely vision, also supported by always updated reports and evolved, allows you to develop your business in autonomy and safety, for example by creating PIN “Usa & Getta” and the possibility of enable and disable cards drivers directly from the portal CartissimaWeb. The advanced anti-fraud systems also allow maximum protection against any abuse or anomalies.

Finally, correct digitization cannot disregard mobile navigation, the most convenient channel to consult on any occasion, for example to locate on the motorway the Q8 gas station closest: the App CartissimaQ8, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android smartphone versions. With a few clicks you can access a set of smart services always at hand, like the ability to refuel without having to use the physical card, but with a simple digital payment code with time validity or thanks to the functionality of the pump release.

Choose the best package

Take advantage of the available features of CartissimaQ8 it’s even easier thanks to 4 packs created precisely to meet the needs of all kinds:

  • with the Light package they can be managed effectively small fleets of drivers, across the online monitoring of cards, pin codes, transactions and invoices;
  • the Pro package is ideal for carrying out online payments via App and portal, because it implies afully digital experience, thanks to the innovative system Q8PAY;
  • the Premium package it is suitable to handle medium-large fleets and to monitor all drivers and their supplies through dedicated accounts, precise monitoring of payments andalert setting specific;
  • with the Executive package you are able to organize the work of large fleets, accurately and securely thanks to detailed reports e PIN customization tied to cards.

The differentiation of the offer pays CartissimaQ8 a tool flexible and effective, capable of adapting to market demands and the needs of individual commercial activities, under the banner of a constant search for evolution and innovation.