Gymnast Milena Baldassarri as the new Barbie Role Model

Gymnast Milena Baldassarri as the new Barbie Role Model

The Barbie brand returns to celebrate a new model of inspiration for the youngest in the world of sport and assigns the honor to the young gymnast Milena Baldassarri

One, if not “the” most important, known and followed toy property in the world is definitely Barbie. Being such an influential brand, it is inevitable that it has promoted, over the years, many charitable initiatives or aimed at raising awareness on certain issues. Recently, Barbie became an ambassador of the Dream Gap Project, a project that aims to increase awareness and attention on the factors that, to date, prevent girls from expressing their full potential. In fact, several international researches have pointed out that from the age of 5, girls are less likely than boys to consider themselves brilliant and successful, losing confidence in their abilities. This also happens in the world of sport.

In Italy, for example, only 28% of athletes are represented by women, just as there are few female managers of sports clubs, female technicians, federal managers or match officials. And this year Barbie has decided to turn more attention to the world of sports, in which she wanted to find her second role model for this 2021. Born in 2001 in Ravenna, Milena Baldassarri is one of the most promising athletes in Rhythmic Gymnastics in recent years. Despite his very young age, he already boasts numerous victories and podiums in World, European and international events. Finally, at the 2019 World Championships, he achieved the Olympic qualification, thus making every athlete’s dream come true.

Gymnast Milena Baldassarri as the new Barbie Role Model

Milena Baldassarri talks about the collaboration with Barbie: a tribute to sport!

The Barbie brand celebrates Milena for her tenacity and perseverance in pursuing that dream she has always had, since she was a child. A dedication, in the continuous search for perfection, which has led her to be an internationally recognized professional athlete. The company has dedicated an OOAK Doll to her, that you can see in the image that we leave you above. Milena Baldassarri commented on the collaboration as follows:

It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are a ROLE MODEL Barbie and to be an example for the little girls, little gymnasts of the future. I started this practice as a child and I chose it even knowing that practicing rhythmic gymnastics is a journey in search of perfection and perfection costs an extraordinary effort while remaining unattainable by definition. […] So I say to the girls – put your one hundred percent too, put your heart and muscles and determination into it and you will see that even your dreams can be opposed!

Milena Baldassarri

The new Barbie dedicated to Milena Baldassarri therefore celebrates the world of sport, the healthy, competitive and above all the same for everyone. What do you think about it? Write it to us below in the comments! And if you are passionate about videogame and nerd-themed objects, we suggest you take a look at the Zavvi catalog!

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