The release of the Dacia Bigster is set for 2024

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The French company Renault has confirmed that the release of the Dacia Bigster is set for 2024 and that the presentation will take place by the end of the year, while marketing will begin in 2025

The French company Renault has left us a bit in suspense, in a distressing limbo in which the Dacia Bigster nothing further was heard. The latest update from the company only concerns new prices and versions of the Renault Clio restyling, which you can read by clicking here. Fortunately, we finally have some good news that reveals the release of the Dacia Bigster is closer than ever. The Renault group has confirmed the presentation of the new car by the end of 2024while marketing will begin in 2025. This launch is very important for the company, in fact it will represent the brand’s flagship and will enter into competition with fearsome and respected opponents such as Ford Kuga, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V ecc.

The release of the Dacia Bigster is set for 2024

The Dacia Bigster will be out soon, here’s what it will look like

Taking a few steps back in time, the presentation of the Bigster a January 2021 he anticipated the style of the current one Dusterwith a design muscular and massive, which is very reminiscent of off-road vehicles. The car will be 4.6 meters long and is characterized not only by the design that makes it a bodybuilder in the world of cars, but also by the extensive use of recycled and recyclable materials, for sustainability that goes beyond exhaust emissions. Speaking of the engines, we don’t yet know what they will be, but with theadoption of the Group’s CMF platformwe expect that there will be 1.3 mild hybrid da 158 CV e da 1.2 full hybrid of 200 HP, to which the LPG engine. At the beginning there is no plug-in provided.

Speaking of the interior, we don’t have any images showing it, but we can look at the Duster 2024 to give us an idea: digital instrumentation, 10-inch central monitor and refined furnishings, but without resorting to too expensive materials so as not to inflate the price. In terms of technologies we should have various systems driving assistance as the adaptive cruise controllane maintainer and much more. If it has the same characteristics, the Dacia Bigster it will be a car all muscles, but with a lot of brains, because all these features have proven to be very useful in making driving much simpler and, indeed, assisted. The new car should cost around 30.000 euro.

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