The release of the electric Porsche Macan is near

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The release of the new Porsche Macan electric car, the car long awaited by sports car enthusiasts, is almost here: the German company reveals the latest details of the 612 HP car with a range of over 500 km before its presentation during of 2024

This 2024 will be a rich year for lovers of engines and sports cars. With the Mazda more aggressive than ever with the new rotary engine car and other cars, Porsche decided to respond by launching the new Electric Porsche Macan whose release is now close. This car will be exclusively electric and they will sell it together with the combustion version, which will only accompany it for a few months, and then withdraw from the market. This new car is very important for the company, as it is the first one developed on Ppe platform.

The release of the electric Porsche Macan is near

Electric Porsche Macan: a new beginning

To produce this car, the team put in a lot of work, which was necessary not only to fine-tune the electric powertrainbut also to make the bodywork efficient from an aerodynamic point of view. The engineers managed to achieve a Cx of 0.25. The vice president of the company spoke about the new car, Jorg Kerner. He specified that, when they produce a car, they always focus on precision and driving dynamics. Shortly after, however, he focused on efficiency and design, considering them fundamental in the production of a car. The company wanted maintain the Porsche identity, but also made sure to guarantee high efficiency and large autonomy. The design and aerodynamic testing teams collaborated to create this new electric car.

Now let’s see the features of the new electric Porsche Macan. THE electric engines of the car take energy from one lithium ion batterywhich is located in the underbody, with a net capacity of 95 kWh. The battery also charges quickly (270 kW of power) thanks to the a 800 Volt of the Ppe platform. With an ultrafast charging station, the battery percentage passes from 10% to 80% in less than 22 minutes. The declared autonomy is over 500 km. The variants available will be different, both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The top of the range version will have a power of 612 Cv and a cup higher than 1000 Nm.

Not only electric, but also beautiful powerful! A car that certainly represents an important step in Porsche’s career. What do you think about it? Tell us your opinion in the comments and continue to follow us on for other news from the world of motors and much more!