The review of Arise: A simple story on Nintendo Switch

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We tried Arise: A simple storyarriving today on Nintendo Switchand we’re ready to tell you what we think with this one review. Below we present the official trailer.

A beautiful story – Arise: A simple story

Arise: A Simple Story it is not a simple story: it is much more. It is a narrative game that tells a story emotional e verawhich, however, will require one from us extra effort. It’s not a quick and easy story, it’s a story that requires skills e perseverance and a lot too I commit. Are you really sure you can commit without throwing in the towel?

Arise: A Simple Story has already debuted on other platforms and we are here to tell you about our experience on Nintendo Switch. As you can imagine, the game immediately turns out to be one nice story: makes us understand that his goal is to tell us something e we are ready to listen.

The musica lieve, l’atmosphere it’s this one lonely figure on the hill: it turns out everything very poetic e full of life; at the same time, however, it is also melancholy. The figure we see on that hill is a elder of pre-agricultural timeswho apparently looks like a beloved tribal leader.

Him though died and his body has just been cremated. Suddenly he finds himself in the snowy plateaus of the afterlife, in a heavenly landscape and thus begins a long one pilgrimage in which, together with him, we retrace the key memories of his life.

Levels and playability on Nintendo Switch

Each game level represents a theme and is dedicated to a part of the protagonist’s life, from childhood to the end. We travel with him through a landscape full of nature e memoriesdiscovering step by step, sunset after sunset, i most important moments in life of the protagonist.

The title also offers us an in-depth look at the donna of the life of our protagonist, the one who accompanied him every day; let’s see theirs triumphs but also theirs most difficult moments. Let’s see how, together, they get up stronger than before.

Arise: A simple story it performs very well on Nintendo Switch. We are in a mondo 3Din which we proceed forward jumping from platform to platform, crossing ponds, frozen peaks and running in the green meadows. From a graphic point of view we were quite surprised, we didn’t think the title could be like this marvelous.

Landscapes are poetic and every step deep in the thick snow seems real. The colors, each nuance, turns out to be a small masterpiece su Switch.

The platforms that we often find ourselves in front of must be disclosed or positioned in the exact spot bringing forward o time back a few seconds. The entire gameplay of the title is based on this mode. Through this method we also have the opportunity to observe the changing seasons more closely; the warm and brown autumnup to dark depths ma graceful dell’Winter.

We, on the other hand, must be quick e hurry up, jump from one season to another without wasting time. Often this pace so fast did not allow us to savor at best the whole landscape and a little bit of sorry.

In any case it is quite evident that Arise: A simple story turns out to be a title courageous but also vulnerableready to to hold our hearts when we least expect it.

Fluid movements but some small general defects

The movements of the character are very fluid and obviously they change according to the season where we are. If we are in a snowy environment, our character will make it harder to move; in a sunny environment, however, the character does it will move faster.

Overall the title delivers rather realistic movementsparticularly when our character has to jump from platform to platform: if the platform is further than expected, the character will will cling to the edge of the platform e with a little effort he will then be able to climb on it.

But now the problems arrive: we are talking about the camera. The title boasts a fixed camera that suddenly moves the moment we jump. At first we found this rather frustrating but then we realized that perhaps it was done on purpose. The player must feel frustration when he jumps because making a mistake in the jump will die. But often the camera does it moved a little at randommaking us miss our aim and die.

From this point of view we can say that the righteous are dead; however we have noticed that with each death the loading time It seemed increase more and more. Moving forward, things also got more complicated. There have been occasions when we have had to shut down the game as it required us too much precision it’s a key mix to click at the same time. All this, then combined with the strange cameraincreased incredibly the difficulty to which we were subjected.

This look after a while begins to become repetitivecompletely diverting our attention from the main story – which instead deserves to be observed ed savored with attention.

Arise: A simple story – in conclusion

arise simple story tech princess

Arise: A simple story it’s an intense, frustrating game but also a title worth it. Is worth cross all those platforms and hold back the screams whenever you die from camera who suddenly decides to change shot. In a certain sense it is a bit of a metaphor for life: many things happen, suddenly, and we just have to act quickly.

The title surprised us incredibly on the Nintendo Switch, it is a small masterpiece that you can take with you at any time and when you wish. The colors are vibrant and the landscapes a lot realistic; the title then boasts gods very fluid movements e a unique atmosphere of its kind.

Try to put up with the camera and the sudden mix of buttons to click and do what you can to get to the end. Remember that Arise: A simple story is, first of all, a narrative video game what he wants tell us a story and make us understand the importance of life. Learn to give more value to the things around you.

If you are curious to try the title on Nintendo Switchyou can consult the official site.


  • Unique story
  • Evocative graphics
  • Magical sound compartment
  • Fluid and realistic movements


  • Camera that moves suddenly
  • Slow uploads
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