The review of Hisense Laser TV 88 ”: the hybrid for lovers of the big screen

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A few weeks ago, the 88-inch laser TV from Hisense. And yes, the name could mislead you. In fact, technically it is not a classic TV.
Let’s try to explain ourselves better.
When we hear the abbreviation “TV” we tend to think of a product with a more or less large panel, associated with more or less powerful speakers and hardware that guarantees operation and performance. Often and gladly we imagine it with a base that allows it to be placed on a surface that can be a bookcase, a dresser, a dedicated piece of furniture or even the dishwasher.
Il Hisense laser TV it only retains some of these characteristics. And this is because it does not strictly fall into the category of televisions but into that of short-range projectors.
And “short range” is the key element of this product because the Laser TVs can be only 20 cm from the projection surface, which saves space without giving up large screens. In our case 88 inches but be aware that Hisense trades Laser TVs that reach 120 inches.

Now that we have clarified an important point – namely that the Laser TV is a video projector and not a classic TV – we are ready to immerse ourselves in the review of this product, so as to tell you how it works, how it behaves and who it is suitable for.

Hisense Laser TV 88 ″: how is it made?

Hisense Laser TV 88″ is composed of two elements: the projector and the panel (optional).

The projector is a rather generously sized device: 55cm wide, 35cm deep and 16cm high. Undoubtedly larger than the portable home projectors that have invaded the market in recent years but definitely in line with professional devices.
Be careful to position your projector in the correct way, taking into consideration that the front is the one in which only the Hisense logo appears and that it must be facing the sofa while the back is the one that includes all entrances. Naturally, you have the power but also available two USB 2.0 ports, one VGA port, four HDMI 2.0 ports (one of which is ARC), one optical output, one Ethernet port, two auidio-in jacks and two RCA connectors that you will need to connect the screen. Obviously there is no shortage Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth and DVB-T2in addition to the support for the CAM module (the one dedicated to smartcards).

Hisense Laser TV 88 inputs review

The upper part instead houses the optics and an infrared sensor which performs a simple but very useful function: when it detects a person, it stops projection. It is a system that serves to protect your sight and that Hisense has thought carefully because the shutdown is not immediate, but a 5-second countdown starts so you have time to move away in case you have passed near the panel by chance, perhaps passing by. from one part of the room or the house to the other.

The other element that makes up the 88 ″ Laser TV is the aforementioned screen. As anticipated, it is not present by default. If you want, you could only buy the projector, deciding to use a sheet or the white wall but, in our opinion, it would not be the best choice. There are two fundamental reasons:

  • the panel optimizes the viewing experience;
  • the panel integrates the speakers, which are missing from the projector.
  • This does not mean that the projector alone is useless, of course, but that you simply have to connect a hi-fi system or Bluetooth speakers to listen to movies, TV series and programs.
    It seems like a handicap, we understand it, but in reality Hisense has thought both to those who want a ready-to-use product – offering Laser TV and panel in bundle – and to those who want to build a cinema room and therefore have already set up a system and maybe installed a special cloth. In short, the Asian company aims to satisfy any type of customer and does so by giving this double and convenient possibility.

    But let’s take a step back and go back to the schermo CLR (Ceiling Light Rejecting Screen). At first glance it looks like a television display but in reality the principle is very different. In this case, in fact, racts on direct light sources and instead eliminates those coming from above, like that of the home chandelier. All this allows you to avoid reflections and have a clean image.
    The CLR screen also integrates two 15W speakers which support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio.

    Installation: alone or in company?

    When Hisense Laser TV 88 ″ arrived, we wondered how to carry it. In short, the projector arrived in a box that fit perfectly in the car and thought it was just over 10 kg but the panel arrived whole, with all its 88 ″.
    So we launched an appeal on social networks and found one of our users (hello Ivan, thanks 😃) who made his truck available for transport home.
    There we unloaded it, brought it inside the house and then we thought “and now how do you assemble the panel?”.
    Well actually assembly is included in the purchase so you can do what we did: we contacted Hisense support and made an appointment with the technician who came to mount the CLR screen, position the projector, and make sure everything worked as it should.

    Nothing prevents you from carrying out this operation independently. The indications included in the package are very clear and guide you step by step; if you have any fears, doubts or worries, just write to setuplasertv[at] or call the toll-free number (800.321.999) to request the intervention of an expert.

    What can I do with Hisense Laser TV 88 ″?

    Hisense Laser TV 88 software review

    The experience offered by Hisense Laser TV 88 ″ is the same as a smart TV. This means you can watch the DTT, play video games with a consoleand or take advantage of the most popular streaming services, using the Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Rai Play, DAZN, Rakuten TV and many more.
    All this by leaning on VIDAA 4.0, Hisense operating system. The software is intuitive, fast and designed to offer you everything you need, from recording on a USB key to the TimeShift function. Some applications are still missing – Disney + above all – but overall the user experience is really complete.

    Hisense Laser TV 88 recensione Alexa

    Impossible not to mention then support for Alexa. Yes, you also have the integrated voice assistant so you can use the remote control to give order to your TV or, alternatively, use the RemoteNOW app.

    How it looks and how it feels

    Let’s start with what is normally the sore point of projectors: brightness. Why ok in the evening but if I want to watch TV during the day, can I do it without any problems? Actually yes. The 2150 lumens guarantee a good yield even during the dayat least with an average ambient brightness.
    But you get the best in the evening, when you can fully appreciate the qualities of this Hisense Laser TV 88 ″. To characterize it we find the projection system based on X-Fusion Laser Light Engine con chip DLPthe resolution 4K, technology Pure Color and support forHDR10. All this allows you to admire excellent quality images, with vivid colors, good black rendering and excellent sharpness.
    Available then have different settings and color profiles that allow you to better calibrate the projection, adapting it to your taste and different contents.
    Theupscaler, which adapts HD and Full HD content to 4K resolution with convincing results. For example, we watched all the Eurovision evenings proposed by Rai 1 without problems and without noticing annoying artifacts.

    Hisense Laser TV 88 image quality review

    On the audio front, as anticipated, we have two 15 Watt speakers integrated into the panel. At first we were a bit skeptical but we had to change our mind: the yield is really good, with a high volume, a balanced sound and a yield that is superior to that offered by most televisions currently on the market.
    If you are aiming for a real cinema experience you will probably have to focus on an ad hoc system but for a classic use, alternative to a Smart TV, it is more than adequate.

    Hisense Laser TV 88 ”review: conclusions

    We have been using Hisense Laser TV 88 ″ for weeks and we have never missed a classic TV. However, this does not mean that it is a product for everyone, indiscriminately. It is first of all a solution suitable for those who are looking for large crowds, for those who do not want to install a classic projector and for those who are trying to create a small cinema room without millionaire investments, starting from a product that can already be associated with one. screen for projection and which can offer more than discreet audio.
    The laser lamp then guarantees 25,000 hours of use (really a lot) so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the new setup.
    There are two elements to consider before purchasing: the horizontal space to position the projector and the fact that this element, like all the other projectors on the market, relies on a series of fans for cooling, which means that it will never be super quiet. This does not mean that it bothers you while watching, you will probably barely notice it, but it is good to know before spending the 2.499 € required for purchase.


    • Huge projection (88 inches)
    • Free assembly and configuration
    • Good image quality
    • Good audio quality
    • Good brightness even during the day
    • Operating system…
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