The review of the Beats Fit Pro, the AirPods Pro of sportsmen

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the Beats Fit Pro I’m the sports version of the AirPods Pro. These two pairs of true wireless headphones really have a lot in common and all in all it doesn’t surprise us. After all – we remind you – Beats by Dr. Dre was acquired by Apple in 2014. It is normal that the two teams work closely together and it is normal that there is an exchange of knowledge and technology. Then considering the results, we strongly doubt that anyone could complain about this collaboration.

The Beats Fit Pro review

Before going into this review, we want to reassure you immediately: purple amethyst it is not the only color available. The Beats Fit Pro are in fact also on the market in variants black, white and sage gray.

The latest jewel of the Beats house proposesand an in-ear design with a flexible fin which allows you to fit them perfectly inside the pavilion. This solution guarantees excellent stability and it is a fundamental element for a pair of headphones which, as I said at the beginning, are devoted first of all to sport.
On the other hand, they are perhaps a little less comfortable in the long run than other Bluetooth headsets. This because the flap tends to exert a little more pressure, pressure that helps the Fit Pro stay in place but, at the same time, makes prolonged use more complex. Basically after training you will probably need to take them off, even if only for a few minutes.

Speaking of physical exercise, we would like to point out that the presence of the IPX4 certification, so they can withstand splashes, sweat and a few drops of rain but nothing more.

The similarities with the AirPods Pro

Keep in mind this sporting vocation of the Beats Fit Pro because it affects a couple of other aspects.

The first is audio. The bass is beautifully markedwith highs and mids that are a little less incisive but still satisfying.
Going for bass is not an unusual choice. First of all it’s a bit of the Beats DNA and then most people need the right boost for sporting activity and the bass helps a lot.

At this point the similarities with the AirPods Pro come into play, starting with the presence of the eadaptive qualizer, a technology made by Cupertino that allows you to adapt the sound to the shape of the ear. It really works very well but remember that it only activates if you are not using active noise cancellation or transparency mode.

The second feature inherited from the AirPods is Space Audio, which we really loved. We had tried it right on the AirPods and were happy to find it on the Beats Fit Pro. What is it? Basically the sound changes depending on the position of your head with respect to the device to which they are connected. For example, if you are watching a video and you are in front of the smartphone, you will perceive the sound as coming from a source positioned frontally. Turning your head to the left instead, it will seem that all the sound is picked up by the right ear because at that point it becomes the one closest to the smartphone.

Beats Fit Pro menu review 1

There is one more thing that the Beats Fit Pro have in common with the AirPods. There is no app. Or better, there is the app but only for Android. On iOS, the controls are integrated into the system and allow you to check the battery status, start the adhesion test and enable active noise cancellation and transparency mode that I mentioned earlier. By the way, they both work really great, just like on the AirPods Pro.
We also have support for the Hey Siri command, the one in the Where is app – to make them ring when you can’t find them – and reading notifications.

On Android you have a few less features. Beats headphones use the Apple H1 chip which allows fast pairing with Apple products but not with Android. So no Fast Pair but you will have to connect the two earphones following the instructions on the Beats app. You will also have to forgo the automatic switching between devices and audio sharing.

Beats Fit Pro headset review

Controls, on the other hand, work the same on both platforms and no, they are not touch. In reality the small “b” found on both earphones corresponds to a physical key. The only customizable command is the long press which, by default, corresponds to the activation of ANC and transparency mode but, if desired, you could associate it with the volume adjustment. The other controls are quite traditional: one click for play and pause, two for the next track, three for the previous one.

Is it a good solution? Yes and no. The command via physical key is generally more responsive and allows you to exercise greater control. After all, you hardly accidentally press a button while an accidental swipe of the headset happens to everyone.
The pressure, however, especially prolonged, is not for everyone and can be a little annoying.

Microphones and autonomy

As pointed out several times, the Beats Fit Pro are designed for sports but nothing prevents you from using them to manage calls, personal or work. The microphones do a good jobwithout distorting the voice, without making it metallic and without the interference of the wind, thanks to the strategic position chosen by the manufacturer.

We conclude with autonomy. Beats’ latest true wireless headphones let you get to about 6 hours with active noise cancellation and 7 hours off; the case takes you to 24 hours total with ANC, which increases to 32 by disabling this feature. In line with the rest of the market.

At your disposal then you have the fast charging then you can be back on track in a matter of minutes. There is no wireless one that we would have expected considering also the price range of these headphones.

Finally, we take the opportunity to add a consideration on case. Turns out a little bigger than usual and for me those who travel with a bag or backpack are not a problem. If, on the other hand, you are used to keeping it in your pocket, be careful because it could be a little more uncomfortable.

The Beats Fit Pro review: conclusions

Beats Fit Pro review

The Beats Fit Pro are on sale at 229,90 €. Less than the AirPods Pro – at least considering the list price – but still a challenging price.
Is it worth it? In our opinion, they are designed for a specific audience. In fact, we can consider them a bit the sports version of the AirPods Pro, therefore ideal for those who run or train a lot without giving up anything in terms of sound quality, microphone performance, software functionality and autonomy.


  • Stable even during sports
  • Good sound quality
  • ANC and transparency mode
  • On iOS the software is integrated
  • Good performance of the microphones


  • Physical controls may not appeal to everyone
  • Incomplete Android experience
  • No wireless charging