Dead Space: we talk about remake?

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If there is a title that deserves a remake, it is definitely Dead Space and finally a confirmation from Motive Studios seems to have arrived

The remake di Dead Space, the result of the work of the Visceral Games team, will therefore be there according to what was declared by Motive Studios and the official Twitter account of the game. The title should therefore be published in early 2023 for consoles such as PS5, Xbox Series X/S e naturalmente PCbut let’s go ahead with some order.

Dead Space: remake set for early 2023

Before confirmation that the Dead Space remake would arrive in early 2023, Electronic Arts had stated that a good time would be there.‘October of 2022but ultimately decided to give himself a little more time to impress his fans more.

But the fans certainly could not remain dry-mouthed and, precisely for this reason, recently there was a livestream run by the developers themselves who analyzed the game under different aspects such as audio, the ALIVE system, weapons such as the Plasma Cutter and much more. The eye also wants its part otherwise it’s just useless hype!

Obviously it has not been finished yet, but there is still a lot of time between now and next year so we are sure that, further updates will be available soon concerning the title. Let’s just hope that it is not a half misstep as it happened a few years ago with MediEvil (peace to your soul Sir Daniel Fortesque).

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